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what do you think Amelia and Alec's ship name should be send help I suck at creating ship names lol.

Amalec? Hmm no too close to the one true pairing malec lol


Oof idk pls suggest lol

Long chapter ahead!


My eyes slowly drifted open, eyes landing on the raven haired shadowhunter sleeping soundly beside me. I took this moment to look at him completely, and that's when I noticed everything.

Right now, he slept with a frown on his face and dark circles underneath his eyes.

I'm sure it's because of Izzy. She assured him that she was safe, but being the overprotective, overthinking brother he was, he tossed and turned because of it.

But who wouldn't? If something ever happened to my sister...

Alec's arm suddenly shot up and wrapped itself around my waist, pulling me closer while murmuring something I couldn't comprehend.

With my back against his front, I wrapped my hand around the arm that was holding me and fell back into unconsciousness, with Alec's warmth serving as my comfort.

• • •

I woke up again, just as Alec re-entered the room, already freshly showered and in new clothes.

"Morning," he said, walking up to me and kissing me on the forehead.

He sat down on the space beside me as I leaned into him, and softly kissed his neck. I heard Alec's breath hitch. Repeating the motion, I giggled as he shifted away from me. "Stop," he told me, but his tone told me otherwise.

"Is Izzy back yet?" I asked, covering my mouth. I didn't want Alec to smell my morning breath. That's just embarrassing and gross.

He sighed. "She isn't back yet, but I trust that she's safe and she knows what she's doing."

I nodded, hands going to the end of Alec's hoodie before taking it off. I neatly folded it and set it aside. I would wear it to bed again later tonight.

"At least we know Azazel didn't get her." I pointed out.

Alec's eyes widened as he suddenly remembered something. "Oh, yeah. Avila wanted to talk to us when you're done freshening up."

He then kissed my forehead once again. "Go. And there's pancakes for breakfast, by the way. Get it before Jace finished everything."

I laughed, and rushed into the bathroom.

I loved pancakes, and if Jace Wayland even dared to eat all of them, I'm placing ducks in his room.

After my much needed shower, I threw on a red crop top along with black leather pants and my signature black leather jacket, before partnering it with black high heeled boots.

I sighed with relief, because finally, I managed to pull together an outfit that looked decent. If I were to be to be honest, I couldn't make a fashion decision to save my life.

Grabbing my phone off of the bedside table, I exited the room and find my mother almost immediately, waiting for me in the OPs Center.

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