Chapter 38

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"What?! Five? What the?! Shit! Crap! Ok, we will see you tomorrow."

I hang up the call, turn around and hit Jemma straight in the face with my head!

"Ouch! James! What the f..."

"Why were you right behind me?"

"I was trying to listen to your call of course."

She shakes her head as if to say duh and rubs her forehead where mine hit hers.

"I would have told you, you know, you don't have to eavesdrop"

"Oh I know, it's just more fun that way. Sneaky. I like it."

She winks at me and kisses me on the tip of my nose.

"So where are we off to tomorrow? And what is there five of?"

She settles down onto our bed and scrambles under the covers. I have to give it to Strand, this room is amazing and the bed is the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. The covers are soft and inviting and the furniture is all very expensive looking, I'm scared I'll break it!

It's still odd being here and being in charge of people I don't know at all, but it's getting better.

Today I had my first ever pack meeting and officially met everyone. There are a lot of people. So many families. It is a formidable pack. They are very supportive though, mainly, and so far Jemma and I are feeling as though we have majority support.

I go to our little kitchenette and grab a bottle of water each for Jemma and I and take them back over to the bed. Jemma is flicking through Netflix on the tv and finally settles on a movie.

"To all the boys again Jem?"

"Oh come on! I know you actually love it!"

"We have watched it like ten times! Can we not have something else?"

"Nope! You said my choice and I choose this."

She sticks out her tongue like a little brat and I can't help but laugh at her. She knows I would never make her change it. She knows by now that I'm a push over when it comes to her. And I am pretty sure she uses it against me, not that I mind. I am crazy about this girl.

"So? You going to tell me then ?" She pokes me in the shoulder and quickly takes the water I pass over to her.

I slip under the covers next to her and rest back onto the soft pillows.

"So, tomorrow we need to go to Mornington, to see Arge and Aida and Argent's cousin Crispin. He is visiting from London and he has.... news."

"Uh huh. About what"

"Well that's the five part. He has intelligence that suggests that Aida was part of a planned program. Her mother being bitten, was not an accident and was not isolated. It was all planned."

Her face drops and she just shakes her head from side to side with her mouth faking open.

"Shut the front door! What the hell? Is he sure? How long has he known? Oh my god! I mean, where are the others? What are they like?"

I can literally see her mind boggling. I know how it feels, mine is the same wobbly mess at this point in time.

"I'm not sure of all the details Jem, you heard my entire conversation, which is why we are going tomorrow. Oh, also, my father is there."

I drop that one in while she was still thinking about the other bomb I just dropped on her.


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