Chapter Three: Her weakness is him.

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Chapter Three: Her weakness is him.

Monday night

LYDIA shook her head as George walked out of their ensuite bathroom with only sweatpants on. Stupid grey sweatpants, Lydia told herself silently before fixing her gaze somewhere else.

George grinned as he walked over to Lydia, who was sitting on the bed. He knew she liked him in casual clothes and especially grey sweatpants. Though she never told him her gaze gave it all away.

"You really want to go to this party, don't you?" He asked her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her back till her head is on his bare chest.

Nodding Lydia smiled," yeah I do but if you don't have to go if you want to." Kissing her hair, George chuckled," you should know that I'd go anywhere with you, Lydia."

Turning her head upwards, Lydia placed a kiss on his lips," and I'd go anywhere with you, George."

Though once the words left her mouth, George's phone rang. Making both of them jump apart with a fright. Who would be ringing at this time? George asked himself, grabbing his phone and answering it before placing it to his ear.

"You'll never guess what Fredrick just did," Chris shouted in George's ear, making him sigh and put him on loudspeaker. Though he was sure Lydia could hear him already.

"What did he do?" Lydia asked, clearly curious about what Chris' roommate had done that had him ringing them late at night.

Chris didn't attend the same college as them both but he was still close by and the three called each other daily.

"He bought a turtle! A turtle is living in the same room as me and I can't deal with it. What if it's Raphael or Leonardo?"

Sighing George rolled his eyes at his best friend while Lydia laughed. He was truly insane for thinking that the children's television show was real.

"Get some sleep, Chris. Goodnight," George said, hanging up the call.


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