Chapter 29: Things We Don't Want But Have To Accept

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edited 06/05/19

What happened? I remember planing to jump off of the tree but I didn't. The branch of the tree fell off on its own. Now, all I feel is pain. The back of my head hurts so bad but I don't feel like I'll die because of it.

I don't want to open my eyes. My whole body feels weird, my ears are ringing and all I can hear is that sound. My mouth feels way too dry like I won't last long if I don't get something to drink at this instant.

Finally, I was able to press my hand against the ground. Wait how did I end up on the ground? We were standing on the branch of the tree...I fell off? Jeongin didn't save me? Where is he?

I put more pressure into my hand to lift myself up and used my other hand after freeing it from under me. My arms are quivering like hell. I feel so frail. I just want to let myself give up and lay on the ground again but I have to find out what happened or at least have to stand up because that's what is right?

Just to let myself rest a bit, I sit with my eyes still closed, scratching the back of my head with a frown. What is this? My head feels weird. I'm hurting my head even more and I can feel liquid on my fingers.

I lifted myself up with one hand and turned around in progress, still trying to comprehend what am I scratching. It stings but it's like I'm used to the pain that it doesn't hurt me so much? Wait no. It hurts me so much but why am I able to bear the pain? The pain is unbearable but I can bear it and that just doesn't make any sense at all.

Finally, I turned around again, not knowing where to face since I have my eyes closed. I dropped my hand to my side and slowly opened my eyes like I haven't opened them for a long time.

Seungmin, Minho, Woojin, my Hyunjin. Why are they all looking at me with a staggered expression? And why the hell is there blood on the ground? My blood? It smells of me?

Oh my god.

"G-Guys?" I slowly said with my eyebrows narrowed in fear. "W-What happened?"

The ringing in my ears stopped and I could hear the night clearly. Seungmin got up from the ground and placed both of his hands in front of him. "Jinwoo? Are you still you?" He asked as he slowly approaches me but stopped once we're about a meter apart.

I felt tears building up in the corners of my eyes. "What do you mean? Of course I am..."

I don't feel like myself.

My hands have a lot of blood...neither of them has blood coming out of their bodies or anything. Also, Jeongin is not around. Was he even real?

I walk towards Minho's car which isn't that far and surprised myself. Oh my god...

"Don't freak out..." Woojin said, looking at me with wide eyes when I turned to face them.

He knew. He knew all along. That's probably why he got my blood and why Jeongin seemed cryptic towards me. How did he know before I did? Why am I– Who am I? Were my parents actually my parents? Were they ghouls?

I can't handle this. My whole body is roaring in something weird... Power? Pain? Hunger?

Through instinct that I couldn't control, I flashed to Woojin and attacked his neck where I assume the sweet spot hides since all ghouls attacked my neck. Jeongin did as well, I assume. My neck is burning as well but not as much as the first two ghoul encounter .

"Jinwoo!" Hyunjin's voice filled my ears and it felt like a knife went through my heart as I realized what I am doing.

I dropped Woojin with wide eyes, staring at my bloody hands in horror. I searched the area for Hyunjin and even he, looked afraid. How did I turn into a monster?

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