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Professor Remus Lupin stood in front of the fifth years in front of a huge black wardrobe that holds some sort of creature behind it due to the fact that it violently shakes every so often, causing a few students to jump in surprise when that happens, "Right, so who read up on their homework and could tell me why the Boggart is shaking the wardrobe?" He asked as his eyes scanned the classroom, noting his goddaughter standing in between the Weasley twins.

A Ravenclaw girl's hand shot up as soon as the words left the Professor's mouth, he nodded at her, "There's too many of us," She said, smiling brightly, "It doesn't know what shape it should become."

Professor Lupin beamed at her, "Excellent Crystal, exactly that, five points to Ravenclaw, well done," he praised the student, "And does anyone know the charm to defeat the Boggart with?"

When nobody put their hand up, not even any Ravenclaws, Aurora slowly did causing the Professor to smile widely at her, "Laughter. You have to to force it to become something you find amusing whilst saying Riddikulus."

"Excellent Aurora, five point to Gryffindor," Remus said, "We'll practise the charm without wands first...so repeat after me....Riddikulus."

The class did as it was told, the silence became filled with the fifteen year old students saying the spell, one student repeating it several times over under his breath once everyone had already stopped.

"Good, Very good," said Professor Lupin, "But I'm afraid that was the easy part. Could I have a volunteer please?"

A few hands quickly shot up, whilst Aurora looked down at her feet making sure her godfather doesn't pick her.

"John Williams, come on up here," Lupin said as John beamed at himself and pushed his way through the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students to stand face to face with the shaking wardrobe, "Right, John. First things first: what would you say is the thing that frightens you the most in the world?"

John thought for a second before saying, "Werewolves. Definitely werewolves."

Aurora's eyes snapped up at the boy and her eyes hardened before they landed on her godfather and became apologetic. She felt sad for her godfather, he was a kind and loving man and he wasn't like any other werewolf out there, he was scared of the lycanthropy so he hid himself away from people to make sure that when he was aggressive whilst being under the spell of the full moon; it'd be only himself that he hurt. 

Remus' eyes turned sad for a moment before he cleared his throat and looked back at the boy in front of him, "Right, so now think of something amusing to do with your fear," he instructed before he made his way closer to the wardrobe door, "Are you ready?"

John nodded his head, his hand gripping his wand in his left hand, his knuckles almost turning white as he gulped. Professor Lupin turned the knob of the wardrobe before letting the door open by itself whilst he quickly moved away as to not confuse the Boggart. 

A black shadow came out of the wardrobe before it started to merge into something and before Aurora could bling there stood a ferocious looking werewolf snarling at the Ravenclaw student in front of it. John swallowed nervously, his adam's apple bobbed up and down and his hand shook slightly before he let out a deep breath and said "Riddikulus."

The class couldn't help to laugh as the ferocious werewolf was now replaced with a green werewolf wearing a pink tutu and doing a ballet dance, even Aurora and Professor Lupin chuckled at the scene in front of them. John sighed in relief as his wand hand moved back down to his side.

"Well done!" Professor Lupin beamed at the boy before he turned to the rest of the class, "Now everyone get in a line so you can all have a go," he instructed. The students quickly pushed each other as they formed a wonky line. Aurora standing in front of Fred looking rather nervous, he put his hand on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile as a student turned his Boggart into some weird dancing snake. 

Aurora gripped her wand in her right hand as she saw the line quickly reducing and before she knew it, it was her turn. She slowly stepped up closer to the changing Boggart and she wondered, What was she scared of? She suddenly gasped as she saw her Boggart change, it was her father, he was lying on the ground whilst a Dementor was sucking the soul out of him and then she realised what it was; it was a Dementor's Kiss, something she read about in the Daily Prophet earlier that day. She couldn't breath as she felt the walls around her closing in, her chocolate brown eyes glistened with tears that were threatening to spill out at any given moment. 

But she couldn't look weak, she didn't want to look weak. As Lupin and the rest of the class turned quietly and looked at the girl with a worried expression, she slowly lifted her wand up and muttered the charm. At first it wasn't strong enough, she took a shaky breath before saying it louder. The Boggart changed; it was now a Dementor but instead of being black and cold it was now a light pink with a big flower crown, it was no longer sucking the soul out of Sirius Black but instead it was skipping through a field of sunflowers. 

The class let out a loud laugh at the scene, Fred and Professor Lupin gave out relieved sighs as they both looked at Aurora who was still stuck in her spot. Fred quickly came over to her and moved her out of the way letting George be the next one to defeat his Boggart whilst Fred and Aurora went to stand right at the back of the classroom.

Before Fred could ask her if she'll be okay she threw herself into his arms, hugging him as if her life depended on it whilst her eyes stung from the tears that were ready to spill out. 

"It's okay, love, you can cry if you want," Fred mumbled into her dark hair as he kept her close to him, he felt her shake her head, "I can't," she told him, her voice being muffled by the Weasley boy's robes. He let out a small sigh as he stroked her hair, bringing her that small bit of comfort as he made eye contact with the Professor who looked as if someone had just stamped on his puppy. 

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