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Next day

Ellen’s POV

I sit on the vanity, one leg dangling off the side the other pulled up to my chest as Louis showers in the large glass room beside me, every now and again I would take a peach but not before blushing and looking way.

“I had school today.” I say and I feel him look at me, I turn my head to look at him, his hands cupping the water.

“What’s the time?” he asks and I look towards my bedside table across the room.

“Almost twelve.” I tell and he goes back to his shower.

“And your late?” he asks and I nod, I hear my laptop start to ring and I stand and press my lips to the glass of the shower, Louis laughs and does the same before I stroll out of the room and into the main room, I sit on the lounge and open my laptop to see Tegan is video calling me, it must be like five in the morning over there, I answer and we greet one another.

“So.” She says and I frown.

“So what.”

“Did you. You know.” I quickly grip my ear phones plugging them into my laptop, “Is he still there?”

“Can you shut up, you don’t know when he is here.”

“Is he?” I nod.

“Yes, his in the shower.”

“Why are you not with him.” I shrug.

“I haven’t been completely naked with him before.”

“But you have both done oral now right?” I roll my eyes.

“Yes.” She smirks.

“Now for the real thing.”

“I will hand up.” I say.

“When are you going to fuck him?”

“Good bye Tegan.” I say and wave as I close my laptop, I pull my ear phones out and look towards the door where Louis stands, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Do you have any of my clothes?” I nod and stand walking towards him, I brush past him as he runs a hand across the back or my bare thigh and I go to the wardrobe, he follows and stands in the door way as I grab a pair of his jeans and a jumper he had left here, I left the room as he changed.

Louis’ POV

“I don’t mind if you stay.” I say and she looked back towards me as she reached the door.

“I know.” She smiles and left the room, I slipped the jeans and jumper I’d left here on and throw the towel in the washing basket on the bathroom platform and make my way to the main room, Ellen is sitting on the stairs with Bandit as he rubs against her legs, Sassy still sleeping in her bed, when I reach her she stands and looks at me before raising her hand, I look to beside her face to see a single key dangling from her fingers.

“What?” I ask confused and she smile as she holds it in front of her, looking down and fiddling with it.

“It’s for you.” She looked up at me, holding it out. “For the apartment.” I smile and grip ut, she pulled her hand away as I hold it in my fist still in front of us both.

“You’re giving me a key?”

“You’re always here, why not.” I smile and kiss her lips.

“Thank you.”

“Of cause it’s not as good as mine, I mean.” She pauses as she grips them from the bench behind her and she holds then up in front of us, “You don’t have these awesome key rings.” She smirks looking past the keys at me.

“Maybe I could get one.”

“But I have four, see” She said, and pulled them apart so I could see, “An elephants courtesy of my amazing boyfriend, an E I don’t know why I have a random letter.” I laugh at her as she continues, “A pen, and a little soccer ball.” She looks at me again, “You could never beat that.”

“I bet I could, maybe if.” I pause grabbing them, “They disappeared.” She shook her head.

“Then I would have to take that key back because I wouldn’t have any.”

Ellen’s POV

Two days later

I was on my way back to the apartment from school, I grabbed take away chines for Louis and I on the way and finally arrived back, parking in the underground garage and heading up in the elevator, I unlocked the door and stepped in to see Louis on the lounge channel surfing with the cats beside him.

“Your back.”

“I am.” I smile placing my bag on the stool and heading towards him with the take out, I kiss his lips as I sit down and place the bag on the table, pulling it down to reveal two white boxes, I grabbed the wooden chopsticks from down the side and passed a set to Louis before giving him his food container, he thanked me and I grabbed mine sitting back and putting my feet up, the noddles warming my insides almost instantly.

“How was your day?” I asked as he finally settled on a channel, reruns of Smallville.

“Good, didn’t do anything.”

“I can see that.” I laughed and he smiles.

“How was yours?” he asked placing the chopsticks to his lips and taking the noodles into his mouth, I scrapped around with my noodles as I shrugged.

“Kimberlee’s last day is Friday, so we mostly talked about that and one of the lecturers assigned us a book each so I need to go book shopping.” I say eating some of my food.

“Fun.” He teased and I looked at him, an eyebrow raised.

“It might not be fun but it’s a great time wasted.” I groan when I realise something.

“What?” he laughed.

“I have work today.”

“You have work like once a week why are you complaining?”

“I don’t know, im just sick of waiting on people.”

“Then quite.” I shake my head as I eat more, sitting back and looking at the TV. “The gyms still looking for another trainer.” I shake my head.

“The gyms a novelty for me, if I worked there I wouldn’t want to go anymore.”

“How do you know that?” I shrug.

“I don’t know, I just have a feeling.” Its silent for a moment, “I think im going to look for a new job.”

“Like what?” I shrug.

“I don’t know, I’ll see who’s hiring.” We go back to watching the old TV show, “Hey I got you something.” I say getting up and going towards my bag, I grab a small flat rectangular box and quickly shove my keys in my back pocket going back to Louis and passing him the box.

“Mine?” Louis reads the arrow key ring questionably after he opened the box and I pull my keys out of my back pocket.

“It fits into this.” I say and he places the heart key ring around the arrow like a puzzle peace.

“Your mine.” he reads and I look at him as he smiles. “Thank you.” He kisses my lips, “Im one to your five.” He tells me as he grabs the key I gave him yesterday and puts the arrow pendant on.

“Yours is better than mine.” I say and he looks towards me.

“Even your elephant?” he asks and I bit my lip.

“Okay, it’s a close second.” He laughs and pulls me towards his body, I curl up beside him and we watch TV while the time passes before I have to get ready for work.

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