A Wannabe Assassin: Chapter 14- THE END

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As Joey walked away, he heard the door open. He didn't bother turning back again, unable to face the rejection.

Sherene had put Piella to sleep, and came running out the door. She hugged Joey from the back, and said that she would love to go out for coffee with him.

Joey turned around, glee written all over his face.

"Really," he asked, beaming.

"Yes, now bend down, will you," Sherene laughed.

Joey bent down, and Sherene cupped his face, and smashed her lips onto his. They kissed quite passionately for a long time, not caring about the number of people gawking at them.

After they broke apart, Sherene dragged Joey into her house, and asked him to sit down. She made coffee, and brought it to him.

"Sherene, I don't know how much I can commit to you, but I really really like you, and I wanna get to know you more."

"I know, Joey. I understand. I feel the same way. We'll take this slow."

Joey left home very late that night.


2 years later....

"Sherene Liala and Eric Briggs are now proclaimed divorced."   

Eric scowled as he watched Joey and Sherene kiss. Merlyn tsked, and tried to kiss him, but he shooed her away. He missed a wonderful woman, all because of that blasted child.

Joey and Sherene walked outside the court, with Piella standing in the middle, holding both their hands.

To celebrate her divorce, Joey took Sherene out for a candlelit dinner.

The two were looking out of the ship. He took her on a boat cruise. Their hands were around each other's waist, and they were enjoying the silence.

Joey decided to break the silence. He placed his hands on Sherene's shoulders, and moved her to face him.

"Sherene, I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I was really scared of children before, but I look at Piella like my own daughter. I want to share your happiness and love with her. "

Joey bent down on one knee, and took out a Tiffany's box. Sherene sobbed.

"Will you marry me," Joey asked.

Sherene couldn't stop sobbing as she accepted his proposal. She had been waiting for this moment ever since he asked her out for coffee. She knew his fear of children, but now that he was ready to take the next step, she was more than delighted.

"Yes, I will, Joey," Sherene smiled, through her tears, as she bent down to kiss him.

They spent the rest of the evening dancing, and talking.


"I, now proclaim you, Joey Millers, and you, Sherene Liala, as husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," the priest said.

Sherene and Joey kissed, and were officially husband and wife.

At the champagne party, Joey walked up to his grandmother and Mr. Harisson.

His grandmother teared up as she hugged him. "You did well, son. You did well."

Joey cried as well.

"Now now, wipe your tears, both of you. It's time to celebrate," Mr. Harisson said. "Joey I want you to witness this."

"Amanda Millers, you told me you would not marry me until your grandson was happily settled in life. I'm certain Sherene will take good care of him. Now give me the privilege to take care of you, legally." Mr. Harisson said.

Joey beckoned Sherene to him. He placed his arm around his wife's waist, as he watched Mr. Harisson take out a box, and his grandmother gasp.

Amanda was shaking her head, in shock.

"Will you marry me, Amanda bear? I promise to love and take care of you forever."

Now, Amanda started sobbing further. She said yes, as Mr. Harisson slipped the ring onto her finger, and kissed her.

Joey looked at the couple, and then at Sherene, and then at his lovely daughter Piella, who was also the ring bearer. He looked up into the sky, and thanked god for the people he had in his life.


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