Chapter 24

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2 months later

Kayleigh's pov

I'm sitting in the studio listening to Shawn recording. He really is a beautiful singer. Shawn's new album was released yesterday so he's been spending lots of time in LA and New York over the last month. Tomorrow he leaves for his first stop on his festival tour in Swansea and since school is done I've decided to go with him on tour. Brian, Aaliyah and Sara decided to tag along as well for the first show, however so did Lauren, which could be quite awkward.

Shawn, Aaliyah, Brian and I are going up tonight and then Sara and Lauren are meeting us at the festival tomorrow. Since it's the first stop, Andrew has gotten us a private plane which I'm very excited about.

"Hey babe," I hear from the studio which wakes me up from my thoughts. "What'd you think?"

"Loved it." I say as I smile from ear to ear. He was playing a song he called Stuck on You. He chose not to put it on the new album but he might release it later in the year.

Shawn wraps up what he was working on and we head to his condo and grab our bags, then we go to pick up Aaliyah. We have gotten really close over the past few months, she feels just like my little sister. We pull up to Karen and Mannys house and I open the door and yell for Aaliyah, "Aaliyah, you ready!"

I hear her running around upstairs, "Just grabbing a few last minute things, I'll be down right away!" She comes down about a minute later with two suitcases full to the brim. "Oh my god, pack enough?"

She laughs, "Well I haven't decided what I want to wear to the festival yet and I am coming for a week."

I help her with her bags and load them into the car. "Aaliyah what the hell is all that stuff?" Shawn asks.

"A girls gotta have options." She says which makes me laugh.

We meet up with Brian at the airport and there are fans lined up down the sidewalk waiting for Shawn. He gets out of the car and walks over to them. Somebody helps us with our bags and says that they will take them to our plane for us. Brian, Aaliyah and I wait for Shawn by the car and Jake is standing beside Shawn making sure everything goes smoothly. "I'm so sorry guys I have to go, my plane is going to leave! I love you guys, see you soon." We walk up to him and he grabs my hand as we walk up the the doors.

"Kayleigh!" I hear my name being screamed around me. I turn and give them a wave and a smile.

"Let's fucking do this." Brian says with a smile.

"How long is the flight again?" Aaliyah asks.

"Seven hours, but we can just sleep the whole way so it pretty much turns out perfectly." I answer.

"I was kind of thinking there was something else we could do that doesn't involve sleeping." Shawn whispers in my ear and smirks.

"Oh my god shut up," I say and laugh.

"I'm not joking."

"You're sister is going to be right beside us you sicko." I say speaking quietly so they don't hear us.

"I'll see what I can do."

We get through security and are then escorted into a vip lounge to wait for our plane to be ready. Shawn and Brian order a drink but I choose to opt out and chill with Aaliyah since she can't sit at the bar. "Okay, I took pictures of the outfit options I packed for the festival. You have to help me choose one."

She shows me first a pair of light denim high waisted shorts and a black bralette with some funky jewelry. "Okay this is cute." I say. Next she shows me a pair of boho shorts that are white with a mandala like pattern in shades of red. Then she paired it with a long sleeved off the shoulder black flowy crop top. "Okay, definitely this one. If you put the belt on that you had in the last picture it will look so cute."

"Okay I thought this one too. What are you wearing?"

I show her a picture of what Sara helped me choose a few days ago. We decided on a pair of dark grey denim shorts, a white lace crop too and then over top a lace kimono that is so boho. "The I'm going to French braid this part of my hair back and put it in a low bun, and with some sunnies and I bought a sick necklace that will just tie it all together!"

"Love!!! What shoes are you wearing?"

"I bought these black pumps that look like combat boots. I'll show you tomorrow."

"I'm so excited like I can't even contain myself." She says giggly.

"The pilot just texted me, our plane is ready to go." Shawn says as him and Brian walk up to us.

We walk to our gate, Shawn stopping for the occasional photo. "I'm so glad you're coming with me all summer." He says and puts his arm around me to give me a side hug.

"Me too." I say and kiss him on the cheek.

We are about to walk through the gate when Aaliyah stops us, "Wait, I have to snap this." I throw one arm around Shawn and the other around Brian and give a goofy smile. Shawn sticks out his tongue and Brian makes duck lips which makes me laugh. We choose a filter before she posts it on her story.

Luckily the plane has beds on it, however I could probably fall asleep in the chairs if I needed too. I throw my bag onto one of them and Shawn puts his on the one across from me. "Come check out the rest." Shawn leads me through a sliding door to reveal two couches and several chairs. There's two big TVs on either side of the room.

"Holy shit this is bigger than my apartment." I marvel.

We all sit down on the couch and joke around for a bit before Aaliyah decides she is going to head to bed. Brian follows shortly after, closing the sliding door and it leaves just me and Shawn laying on the couch together.

"So, what was it exactly you had planned?" I smirk and look at him mischievously.

Shawn tilts my head up towards him and presses his lips against mine. I turn more towards Shawn and he sits up more against the end of the couch. I have one leg on either side of him and my hands are running through his hair at the nape of his neck.

His hand wanders from my back to my ass and it stays there until he moves it to my thigh. He picks me up and lays me on my back on the opposite side of the couch. I lift up the edge of his shirt and he lifts it the rest of the way and throws it on the ground. He's wearing grey sweatpants which I find incredibly sexy. I feel a bulge in them against me and I reach my hand down and run my hand over top of his Calvin Klein underwear, teasing him. He moves his lips down from my lips to my neck which makes me want him more and more. He lifts off my T-shirt and throws it on the floor to join his own.

"Now wasn't that better than sleeping?" He says as we are putting our clothes back on.

"Ehh," I say jokingly and Shawnputs his hand to his heart and hunched over. I giggle and walk up to him and kiss him.

"We should get some sleep."

"Yes we should, I'm exhausted." I reply.

We walk quietly trying not to wake up Brian and Aaliyah. Shawn grips on something and I have to cover my mouth so I don't laugh. He gives me a playful shove and I am the one who almost falls over this time. He kisses me on the forehead and whispers goodnight. I crawl into the bed and fall asleep almost instantly.

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