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After spending around a month in that safe house, Laura had decided to move back to the main city of Berlin, hoping that HYDRA wouldn't be on their backs this time

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After spending around a month in that safe house, Laura had decided to move back to the main city of Berlin, hoping that HYDRA wouldn't be on their backs this time. She had found a new apartment, courtesy Rose Walters. She, of course, felt confused as to why she, am Avenger, was helping them, but then again as long as they were alive, it was all good.

Laura knew she'd have to see her sometime, to ask her why. And she would see her; just not any time soon.

"What are you doing?" Bucky suddenly came up behind her. Laura would have jumped but she had heard him coming towards her, all thanks to the training she received at the hands of HYDRA. She hadn't yet told him that he had gone all Winter Soldier on her; it would crush his already broken spirit.

"Nothing much," Laura said. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you look like you could fall over any second," Bucky remarked.

"Do I?" Maybe he was right. Maybe Laura looked like she hadn't slept in days and felt like crap, but she didn't need to sleep, she would fine as she was. "I'm sure I'm fine. You're the one who needs to stop worrying. I need to be on lookout, always remember? They can't and they shouldn't find us here, hopefully."

"Still, you need some rest," Bucky argued. "You keep helping me; it's time you took care of yourself."

This was new. Of course, staying together had made them somewhat close, but Laura never realised that Bucky worried about her too. It was strange to her. But not as strange as the weird jolt in heart she felt again, when Bucky said this.

"Alright, alright," Laura raised her hands in defeat. "I'll go for a walk, get some fresh air and then come back, okay?"

"Okay," Bucky said.

Laura grabbed her phone and her purse from the table before she turned around and said to Bucky, "Don't let anyone see you, alright?"

"Don't worry, I won't."


Much to Laura's surprise the walk had actually helped; she felt so much better than before even if she still felt like crap. Thankfully, the park near the apartment was empty and she had been able to walk without worrying that someone would come from behind and shoot her.

She sat on the nearest park bench and stares at the sky. It was a clear blue; with the air so much more cleaner than San Francisco or Washington of any city in America. Laura took a breath and released it. She was about to take her phone to check the time when her phone suddenly rang, making her drop it to the ground.

"Shit!" Laura cursed before she went to pick it up. The caller id was blank. It was then she knew who was calling.

"Hello?" She uncertainly said into the phone.

"Agent Blake," Rose Walters' voice was crisp and cool, not an attitude she was expecting from someone who had just lost her father a month ago. It had been all over the news; considering that Walters Media Corporation was a pretty big company before it was sold.

"What do you want?" Laura asked, keeping her voice cool.

"I don't want anything, Agent Blake," Rose said. "I was just checking up on you. Are the accommodations suited to your taste?"

"It's not exactly five star is it?" Laura sneakily replied. "But you don't need to check on us every week."

"I know I don't, but I still do," She said. "It's necessary."

"Why? Why would it be necessary?"

"Because as it happens, no one really knows about you, except me. I know you were tailing me; and I know you were trying to run from HYDRA. But the world doesn't. They don't even care about you."


"All HYDRA is going to do is kill you when they find you," Rose told Laura. "You're of no use to them. It's your companion they find useful. And make no mistake, they'll do anything to get to him."

"Uh," Laura said. "You do realize that you're talking to a ex-HYDRA agent, right? And I was also the Winter Soldier's partner, if you remember?"

"Trying to sass me, are we?" Rose replied.

"No, just telling the truth," Laura said. "I'm going to go now. I have stayed out far too long and I don't want anyone to notice me here."

"Good, good," She said. "I'll be in touch." And just as suddenly she had called, she hung up the phone. 

"Wow," Laura said. "She's strangely weird. Noble but weird."


This was really just a filler chapter, using which I wanted to showcase the kind of relationship that Laura and Rose have, with each other. You're going to see this in future chapters of this book as well.

Hope you liked this! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

(and p.s. don't worry, you'll get to see some Bucky x Laura moments soon (;  )

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