A Wannabe Assassin: Chapter 13

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"I'm not a spy," Joey repeated.

"Then what are you? A psychic? A mind reader?"

Joey chuckled. "Neither. How did you get tangled in this mess?"

"I got blackmailed. They've held Piella prisoner. Sent her to Ninja Grammy. I had to help them carry this plan out, or else she dies. Like I said, Eric didn't care about Piella. All he wanted was money, and sex. Not even Merlyn."

"So that explains why you were helping me out. I really was wondering."

"Yep. I know you are a good man."

"I'm not, " Joey whispered, sadly.

"Then tell me why," she said, simply.

So Joey started with his life story. He explained how he lost his parents, how he lived with his grandma since then. How he was successful, and then lost his job, and how he became a drunkard, and how he ended up here, in the pursuit of killing. 

When Sherene heard about how he wanted to kill Piella, she slapped him, and then laughed so hard. Tears sprang to her eyes as she realized she poured her sorrow stories to a man who wanted to kill her daughter. 

But what she loved about him was his honesty. He was frank, and truthful. 

"So that's it," Joey said.

"Looks like we both have interesting stories, eh?"

Joey chuckled. "Yes, seems like we do."

They both looked into each other's eyes for a few minutes. Joey had, by then sat right opposite to her. As they both slowly leaned in closer, a loud siren errupted.

Instantly moving apart, the two looked at the shore, and spotted about 10 men in uniform.

In five long terrifying minutes, they reached the shore. They stumbled out of the boat, cold and wet. An officer handed the two a shawl, and another one started speaking.

"We were informed that a murder had taken place. But it was false information. The victim was rather saved, and you were her savior."

"Yes sir, he saved her," Sherene spoke. She stepped on Joey's foot as he was about to say something. 

"Do you work for any agency?" the man enquired.

Joey scratched his neck. He contemplated on what to say. Finally he decided with an answer.

"No sir, " he said.

A man came running. "We've have caught them," he said, panting.

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