Chapter 18: Just one yesterday

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'If heaven brings, Brings hell's rain, Then I'd trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday'

Lilianna shot up from her dreaming state. Her breathing was ragged, her chest fluttering from her rapid heartbeat. She pressed her hand to her chest, trying to ground herself after the all too surreal nightmare she had been jolted awake from. Her eyes scanned the space around her, the bed much too large and the mocha brown sheets made the room dark and unto her liking. The air was cold, her body shivering involuntarily, or maybe it was the energy in the room she didn't recognize.

"I'm going to die here." She sighed, pushing back the covers and swinging her cold toes over the edge of the bed. The frame was high, her feet dangling a good two inches from the floor as she searched for her flamingo slippers. When she couldn't feel the fuzzy and inviting warmth they provided, her eyebrows pulled together in confusion. She looked at the floor, her eyes taking in the dark wood floor and the black fur rug that covered a majority of the floor near the bed.

It hit her that her slippers were obviously not in the room, but rather in her own room in her house in Newfoundland. She shook her head at her own stupidity and hopped to the floor. She walked around the room, opening each door to examine the space further. The first door led to a black marble washroom. The second was a walk-in closet stacked with suits and leather jackets on one side, dresses and denim shorts with cropped hoodies on the other. She backed away from the clothes, her mind reeling with the thought of why feminine clothing would be stacked in the closet if she had just been introduced to the household.

She turned back to the room, her eyes scanning the word outside the windows that created the entire wall on one side of the room. The greenery was tropical, palm trees swaying in the light breeze. She walked towards the sliding glass door, the latch in place to stop her from stepping onto the terrace.

"This is not very North American." She sighed, knowing well that Terrence's gang house was far from the United States for a very obvious reason. She turned back around, there was one last door that she hadn't checked and she knew it was the one that would lead her through the rest of the house. She wanted to know what else the very expensive looking mansion held, but her fingers were numb from the cold air the air conditioning unit was emitting and all she wanted on her arms at the moment was a wool cardigan with her trusty flamingo slippers warming her feet.

She ventured back into the closet, scanning the racks of clothing for a regular hoodie or anything wool. She stumbled across a white Roots crewneck which she quickly pulled on and cuddled into for warmth. Then she started opening the drawers to find socks that would have to make up for her lack of slippers. The first drawer had regular things like leggings and sweats, the next held jeans and basic coloured tees. The third was all pyjamas which upon further inspection were too revealing for Lilianna's liking. The next drawer she opened, only to shut it quickly; the pantie and bra drawer which was very much lingerie from what she could tell. The last drawer to her luck was stuffed with socks, including a stack of thick, fuzzy boot socks. She pulled a pair on, sighing from the cozy form of comfort they provided her. She promptly ran her fingers through her hair to loosen any knots and threw it up into a messy bun, then made her way to the door she had yet to open. Her fingers wrapped around the black door handle and she pulled the door open.

The hall was massive. The ceilings were high, the walls white with not a single thing hanging from them. The floors were a dark wood just like the one in the room she had awoken in. Lilianna slowly made her way through the hall, spotting a set of double doors just ahead of her in the long space. She stood in front of the doors, looking down the hall and seeing a single door not much farther down. She debated on which one to open first, deciding on the single instead. The closer she drew to the door she realized there was a silver metal door on the opposite side of it. Her eyes were wide at the sight of the elevator that stood before her.

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