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Ellen’s POV

Louis’ laugh echoed around the room, my eyes tightly closed as he removed himself from the bed from previous experience I knew Louis wasn’t shy when it came to intimate situations, I had a feeling he was fully aware of the effect he had on not only me, but everyone who had seen him without clothes, but as I pondered over the thought, I realised he still had the same captivating influence over me even when he was fully dressed.

“Ellen, I don’t mind.” He told me, I listened blindly to his words, I knew his comment was in reference to me seeing him naked, but I couldn’t open my eyes, I don’t know why, maybe it was because I felt like I should respect his modesty. The sheet was tugged from over me, I assumed Louis had taken it to wrap around his waist, my eyes opened, adjusting to the dim light once again. The lights around the mirror and the moonlight still held a pretty glow; my gaze followed the sounds of Louis as he moved across my floor. My eyes widened slightly as I watched Louis stroll over to the bathroom platform, he was still completely and beautifully naked, his back was kept to me but he turned his head, a wide smile gracing his face as he cheekily winked at me. Brown hair tousled on his head after my fingers had repeatedly run through it, the muscles in his back expanded and contracted as he moved, I watched him place the sheet in the washing basket before opening the shower door and turning the water on, he stepped in after the water heated up, I watched him for a moment though the glass before falling asleep.

I woke to the sound of my laptop, telling me I had an incoming video chat, I looked towards Louis lying beside me, the doona pulled up to his hips. I lift it as I slip my legs over the edge of the bed and stand, Bandit walking into the bedroom part of the apartment and jumping up into my spot, snuggling into Sassy who was lying beside Louis. I made my way up to the kitchen and to my laptop, answering the video chat to Tegan, I flicked the switch on the wall turning the light on over the island bench in the kitchen before taking a seat on the stool, Tegan on my screen, I yawn and wave.

“What’s the time there?” she asked and I looked to the corner of the screen.

“Two.” I say quietly.

“And Louis’ over.” I blush slightly and hope it will go unnoticed by the shitty lighting and nod remembering last night, “Do you want to go back?” I shrug.

“The cat took my spot.” She laughed.

“Watch a movie with me.”

“Okay, start it.” I say and get up going towards the fridge and opening the freeze, grabbing Ben and Jerry’s ‘Chocolate Fudge Brownie’ from it, I grabbed a spoon and my laptop going towards the lounge and sitting down, placing the laptop on the coffee table and grabbing earphones, I cross my legs and Tegan starts the movie. 

Louis’ POV

“Did you see the little boy standing facing the wall?” I hear Ellen’s voice. “No in the laundry, go back and when she pick the basket up you’ll see him.” she pauses, “stop it there.” she says, “See he looks like his part of the clothes wrack but it’s the ghost boy.” I hear her laugh, I swing my legs off the side of the bed and stand up going around it to the entry way of the main room and look at her sitting on the lounge, an ice cream container beside her laptop as she sits with her feet up on the coffee table. It’s as if she’s in her own bubble of light, the only light is from her laptop as I make my way towards her, she squeals as I sit beside her, her breathing heavy and her hand clasping her shirt.

“You scared me.” she gasped, I look at the computer, a poor quality movie which I soon notice Tegan and realise she’s video chatting, I see Tegan is laughing but I can’t hear her as I laugh slightly.

“Sorry.” I say and she rests her head back on the lounge as she tries catching her breath, I take an ear phone from her and place it in mine.

“Hi Louis.” I hear Tegan and greet her back, there watching ‘Insidious’.

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