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Aboard The Warrior Dome...

In the corridor that leads to the stage, Galvanax entered with roller-blading goblin called Spinferno. He is a fire type and has a looks of a tiger with features of a goblin who thinks no one could beat him.

"Get me those power stars, or I'll snuff out your flames. got it!?!" Galvanax warned Spinferno, as he skated behind him. 

Spinferno promised "they'll be toast boss" then did an evil laugh and glided onto the stage. Just as Cosmo began to introduced him to the audience "hold onto your horns, everyone. It's time to meet this week's contestant. He's fiery, he's fast, he's furius. he...."

Spinferno pushes Cosmo aside and exclaimed "move aside, slowpoke.  I'm Spinferno! wait'till you see what I'm gonna do to the rangers!"

Cosmo got up from the ground, angry that Spinferno took his moment of fame. he yelled "Hey! get your own show, buddy" and tried to push Spinferno out of the way. Until Spinferno went sideways, then began creating a tornado around Cosmo who pleaded "whoa! hold still! you're making me dizzy.


Planet Earth, Summer Cove High...

From the past weekend, Emma settled in to her new life on Earth. Such as Hayley and Sarah taking her shopping for new clothes, and moving into Brody's family home with Brody.  (PICTURE OF BEDROOM UPTOP)

On the other hand it's about one hour, before first lesson begins so Emma is with Brody, Redbot, and Mick in the base. They began to make elemental stars for each of the rangers. As Redbot is melting down the steel and Mick shaving down a star, Redbot said "forging new Ninja Stars from Ninja Steel is really heating up my circuits."

As Emma sat on a stool by the computers, Brody was standing behind Mick watching him. After Mick stopped, he said "the star is done" taking it off the grips. 

"from what my father  taught me Mick, you should be able to throw the star into the Prism and create power stars" Emma explained, as Mick positioned himself in front of the Prism with Brody and Emma stood beside him.  Like a Pitcher, Mick throws the   star into the Prism and begins creating a new ninja power star.

"oh my goodness"

Once the star is complete, it flies out of the prism like a bolt of lightening and lands into Micks hands. not forgetting that he wore gloves for safety.

"that's amazing" Emma awed, as Brody takes the Ninja Power Star from Mick to check it out. "it worked, epic!"


Seconds later, we all come together in the junkyard to show  the others what Mick and Emma have created. As the rangers stood proudly in front of Mick, Redbot, and Emma Mick said "They're called Element Stars." Redbot opened the chest, revealing 5 stars which contained the power of the five elements. Emma added "Galvanax will be sending more powerful monsters." 

"so you're gonna need them."

"Thanks Mick" Preston thanked him kindly.

"I'm happy I could help" Mick said whilst Brody passed each one of his team members an elemental star. "my dad always said a ninja is at one with their surroundings. fire, water, earth, the forest, and lastly metal" Brody grabbing his elemental star and added "the basic elements of nature are our weapons."

"lets test it out!" Calvin exclaimed, eager to try out the new weapon.

As Calvin stepped away from the other and brought out his starblade, Brody encouraged "you can do it Calvin." 

"Lock in, element star, ninja water attack!" Calvin exclaimed after locking the star into his star blade. As it didn't do anything, everyone got confused and dumbfounded that it didn't work. "Uh it's not working" Calvin said looking around his blade, until he spoke to soon. Water began to shoot out of the tip of the blade and sends Calvin flying past the others, crashing into car debris.

"I'm okay."

"so much for water mode. So who wants  to try fire mode?" Brody asked, eager to try another element. As he, Emma, Mick, and Brody turned around they noticed the other rangers have swiftly left the junkyard. 


As Brody looked around for his teammates, Emma snickered "come on Brody, lets get ready for school" wrapping her arms around his waist.

are you okay with this? going to a human high school?" Brody asked also wrapping his around Emma's waist. For Emma's safety, the couple had decided that she should pose as a normal human high school student. Not only forgetting that Mick and Redbot left the couple alone.

"I'll be okay. I've always wanted to experience public school. My dad... used to homeschool me when we were living..." Emma stopped all of a sudden and felt tears form until Brody noticed his girlfriend sadness. he stopped it by hugging Emma tightly whilst she buried her face into his chest. 

"Your father would be so proud of the woman you have become" Brody comforted and kissed Emma on the forehead. 

His words made Emma's sadness of her fathers death fade away then she said "you have a way with words don't you? my darling red ranger."

Brody didn't reply yet instead we both laughed with our foreheads pressed together then the couple kissed passionately until they heard Mick call for them.

"come on lovebirds, your gonna be late!!"


Back inside the Base, the rangers changed back into there normal clothes and stood around a table picking up their bags. on the other hand Emma who was ready anyway sat away from the others, with Brody as he got changed. 

"hey, we need to get to class early so we can practise for the quiz" Hayley informed, placing her bag over her shoulder and taking hold of Calvin's hand as they left the base.

"you two wanna do well on your first day of high school" Sarah smiled at Brody and Emma.

As Brody put on his shirt he said"you guys go ahead, we'll catch up" 

"okay" Sarah agreed and followed Hayley and Calvin out of the base. Preston came upto Brody, holding a red and blue backpack for Brody cause he doesn't have school supplies.

"here, you need a bag for your first day. My rabbit chewed a hole in it but, it should be fine" Preston explained, poking his finger through the hole located at the bottom, of the front pocket.

"thanks, it's perfect" Brody takes the bag from Preston who leaves the base to catch up with the others.  

Whilst he placed the backpack on his back, Brody's datacom begins to beep signalling Mick who exclaimed "your datacom!" and runs over to investigate with Redbot in tow.

"it's still connected to the ships computer?" Emma looked up then the com revealed "the show will begin at 8.00am. Spinferno to attack at Summercove Plaza." revealing a small pixelated figure of spinferno.

"Spinferno eh? the monster will be here in eight minutes" Brody revealed turning to look at Emma and Mick, after the datacom closed. "I'll take care of it" Brody said and got ready to leave, until Emma stopped him by placing her hand on his chest.

"Shouldn't you get the other rangers to help you?" Emma asked. Brody smiled, placing his hands on each side of Emma's face and reassured "they'll be studying for the quiz.  Don't worry, I've got my datacom okay? I love you and I'll see you in class" After kissing Emma, he leaves the base.

"I love you too" Emma whispered and left the base, not forgetting to say goodbye to Mick and Redbot. 


There you Go first part of Episode 3 "Live and Learn."

Sorry its not much, I'm not gonna lie to you its been difficult to write cause its not my favorite episode and been difficult to describe

I am going to start writing part 2 straight away and hopefully, maybe updated tomorrow. please comment and vote.

Part two coming soon!!!