20: Haircut

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"Daddy?" I looked up as Wesley walked into the bathroom with his blanket wrapped around his shoulders. His hair was messy and his eyes were practically closed as he yawned adorably; his brown eyes blinking up at me in the cutest way.
"Hey buddy," I set my flat iron to the side and turned to pick him up. "What's up, love? Are you done with cartoons?" I had left Wesley in the livingroom to watch some television while I got ready for the day. I had today off and while Scott was at work, I figured it would be a good idea to take Wes to get his hair cut and run some errands.
Wesley nodded, "can I take a nap?"
"Nap? Awe buddy," I kissed his cheek and walked him out to my bed before gently laying him in and tucking the duvet around him. "How about a thirty minute nap while I get ready? We're going to get those locks chopped off and we also have to go shopping,"
He nodded, cuddling his blanket close. "Daddy get haircut too?"
"I just got one, my love. But I'll be with you while you get yours, don't worry." I kissed his forehead and laid with him in bed until he fell asleep and I could get up and finish getting ready.
Almost two hours later, and we were at the hair cut place and Wesley was sitting in a chair with a lollipop hanging out of his mouth. My phone was in his hands and he was watching cartoons while his stylist and I talked about his haircut.
"So I was thinking I want the majority of the curls gone," I told the stylist. "Shave the sides and leave the top a little out. I think the curly short hair look is the cutest thing ever,"
"I just cut my nephew's curls the same way and he looks like he's so much older than he is," she gushed, smoothing Wesley's hair down and causing him to look up at her and smile adorably. "Do you want to colour his hair as well? We have this temporary, kid friendly hair dye that has been a very popular thing recently. Especially with the holidays coming up,"
I nodded, turning to my son. "Wessy, do you want to put colour in your hair?"
"What colour do you want, Sweetie?" I asked, motioning to the few colours on the dyes laid out on the nearby counter.
"Uhm.. pink!" He chirped. "Can I get pink, please? I love pink!"
"Sure thing, buddy," the stylist smiled, "that okay with you? It washes out after a few washes,"
I nodded, "yeah, I'm fine with it. Wessy, you have to sit very still for the hair dye, okay?"
He nodded, holding his bear close to his chest, "Okay Daddy,"
"Good Boy," I leaned down and kissed his head before stepping back and letting the stylist do her thing. I sat on a chair right next to Wesley and I was surprised by how patient and relaxed he was during the hair cut. I love his curls, but his new haircut makes him look like a little adult and I couldn't stop myself from taking a dozen photos and sending them to Scott.

Scott: Oh my goodness!!!!
Scott: he looks so handsome! Love his new hair so much
Scott: I miss you boys xx I'll call you when I'm on my break 💓
Scott: I love you!!!!


"My man looks so handsome!" Scott gasped as he hugged Wesley when the boy ran into his arms. "I love your hair, buddy!"
"Thanks! It's pink! Hi daddy!"
"Hi buddy. It looks so great, Handsome," Scott kissed his cheek before leaning my way and kissing my cheek. "Hi baby, you look beautiful, as always,"
I smiled, "thank you, Handsome," Scott set Wesley back on his feet and the toddler ran off to play while Scott and I made dinner.

"So, I was thinking about Christmas today,"
"Were you?" Scott asked, chuckling lightly.
"Mhm. And I was wondering what we were going to do? I mean, it's your first Christmas with Wessy, so I think we should make it special."
"Hell yeah it's going to be special," he started. "It's my first Christmas with my beautiful boys! This will be the best Christmas ever,"
I smiled and leaned over, kissing his shoulder and earning a cute smile from him. "You're so sweet. I can't wait for Christmas either, baby. Oh, and no swearing under my roof."
Scott laughed, nodding. "Sorry, my love." His arms wrapped around me and he kissed my cheek. "Won't ever happen again."
I smiled, kissing his hands. "Better not."


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