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Isabelle's Theme:

Isabelle Williams, the nervous wreck of a cheerleader who was always seen following Grace and the others silently while constantly fidgeting in the captain's presence, glanced uncomfortably at the other two occupants of the restroom. With the others gone, the girls' restroom had an dreary air to it, the malice replaced with a palpable gloom.

Abigail turned to Isabelle and gave her a disappointed look, remembering all the times the girl had stood horrified but silent whenever Grace would try her hand at intimidation. No matter what Grace did or said to Abigail, Isabelle had only ever watched, twitching and refusing to say anything to deter her captain.

"I-I'm sorry," Isabelle finally said meekly, her hands falling to her side in defeat.

Ms. Lloyd and Abigail eyed each other warily, and Abigail walked up to Isabelle, annoyed that it had taken the librarian's presence to get her to finally say something. Isabelle looked broken before them, and etched on her face was the same bitterness Abigail had seen in the mysterious robed woman's frown.

"Why do you keep following Grace around?" Abigail asked her, crossing her arms as she spoke. "I don't understand, Isabelle. You seem like a sweet girl, and it blows my mind that you tolerate the things Grace says about me."

"I'm afraid to speak up," Isabelle sheepishly admitted. "If I did, Grace would rip me apart. That's what she does every time one of us brings up another rumor about her sister, Jessica."

Abigail turned to Ms. Lloyd and asked her, "What's the deal with Jessica Anderson?"

The librarian answered somberly, "Jessica Anderson was Bellview's cheerleading captain four years ago. While she had an angelic face, her actions...and the things she said...she turned out to be a monster. Jessica was far crueler than Grace's ever been, and I know that might come as a shock. Grace clearly wants to control you, Abigail, and wants to demean you all the time, and I'm positive that Jessica's the one who taught her to act like this. In regards to these rumors about Jessica going mad...nobody knows the full story, not even myself, but in her last semester here, Jessica's mental health suddenly took such a steep decline that her family had no choice but to send her to the institution on our city's edge. "

"I will admit, it's common knowledge that Vinnie Bartek played a large role in Jessica Anderson's breakdown. You see, they were the classical football and cheerleader captain couple back then, and to all other eyes, it looked like they were meant to be. There were rumors that Vinnie was planning to propose to Jessica before they graduated. But that all ended when he viciously dumped her only a few days before Valentine's Day of their senior year. It happened in public, in broad daylight, and Vincent was said to have been seething with fury as he disowned her. Whatever happened between them was so bad that it led to Jessica becoming a permanent ward of Bellview Psych just a week later."

"Well, Jessica Anderson must've taken all that pretty damn hard. But who cares? Why bother memorializing a bitch like her?"

Abigail asked her, "If Vinnie Bartek was the football captain back then, why don't they have his portrait up with the others in the athletic wing?"

In the east wing of Bellview High, hung tall and proud on the wall leading to the main gym was the Captains' Hall of Fame, a collection of portraits of each graduating year's team captains from all sports. The faces of the alumni were all organized by their sport, but the name Vinnie Bartek was nowhere to be found.

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