16:\\ Close Encounters

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*Warning: This chapter may be inappropriate or a trigger for some audiences. Skip over italicized portion, read with caution.


He wants to talk. I've had enough talks in the past three days and I don't need another one. Especially not from an always-drunk boy who doesn't even know me, whose intentions are unknown and annoy me.

But here he was, he had chased me down the hallway, no matter how quickly I'd walked away and now he was standing close to me with no escape route. He was too close, his fingers burning my wrist and his body pinning me. I didn't want him near me, no matter how attractive everyone thought Aaron Paul was, I knew he was trouble. Guys like him are always trouble.

"Look... you got me, now talk. I need to get to lunch." I glared at him, his eyes sending bolts into mine. I couldn't understand why he was staring so much. It made me feel really strange.

"Come take a walk with me... I'll buy you some fast food and we can talk then."

"Aaron, I'm not interested in what you're selling." I said. I felt choked, like I was missing something and I realized his hands made me nervous, his distance made me nervous. His face was centimeters from mine, his warmth radiating on my body. I didn't have time for this. I needed to get to wherever I was going.

"Your body doesn't seem to think so." He smirked and I threw him a look of disgust.

"So original, get off me." I rolled my eyes and pushed his hands away as he backed up.

"Look I'm sorry Vy,"

"It's Violet."

"Violet look, please..." I turned to look at his gorgeous eyes. There was no denying that Aaron was really attractive, but I wasn't about to let any guards down for that.

It was the please that got me. It made me angrier than anything ever before.

"Leave me alone Aaron, I said no."

"Why're you so mean?" He said as I'd began walking away. I stopped in my tracks, those same words came from another mouth two days ago. My heart was accelerating. I was a third of the way to the cafeteria. I could easily avoid him and walk to my best friend Stacy. She'd definitely be waiting for me, besides, I didn't want to leave her to eat lunch alone.

"Stacy is not your best friend." He chuckled.

"What?" I turned, so quickly that my neck almost snapped, to meet his eyes. It was calm, like a waterfall and nature had surrounded us and we were alone.

"You heard me," he smirked. The ball was in his court now. "I heard your thoughts and disagreed." He simply said, crossing his arms.

"We weren't even talking about her..."

"Yeah- I know." His lips curled into a smirk.

"You're crazy, what the heck? Anyone could've guessed that."

"Really? I told you already Violet, come have a chat with me. We can skip the rest of the day..."

Something in his eye caught me, I gulped loudly as he reached for my hand this time. I didn't have the energy or the power to push him away. His touch made me feel strange things. Maybe I shouldn't have even come to school today. I failed that math test anyway... there was no climbing back up from that failure. Besides, maybe curiosity did kill the cat. Something inside me told me to go with him. His broad shoulders and perfectly-muscular build was enough to catch my eye. But I couldn't pretend there wasn't anything else. When his hands touched me, I felt something really weird. I can't explain it.

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