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This is a non power AU that switches between main plot and group chats that act as both filler and information dumps.
The Avengers Academy in this is NOT the one from the video game, it is just a normal high school where Odin is the principle and Howard Stark is the vice principal. If you want any characters in here, just PM me and I'll see how I can fit them in. Some ships my seem odd and obscure, but they are how I like the characters set up. I have a sequel already planned that will explain why Fury isn't in this, and it will more than likely be addressed the last few characters of this book.
Clint is in fact younger than Pietro and Wanda in this, but it will be explained. Hela is the youngest Odinson because I frankly don't want to have Odin have literally sent his daughter away.
This is the current cast as it stands:

Anthony Stark: 17 (senior)
Steven Rogers: 18 (senior)
Natasha Romanov: 17 (senior)
Bruce Banner: 17 (senior)
Bucky Barns: 18 (senior)
Thor Odinson: 18 (senior)
Clint Barton: 16 1/2 (senior)
Loki Odinson: 17 (senior)
Hela Odinson: 16 (Junior)
Valkyrie(name is Valery in this): 17 (senior)
Wanda Maximoff: 17 (senior)
Pietro Maximoff: 17 (senior)
T'Challa: 18 (senior)
Shuri: 15 (junior)
Ororo Munroe: 18 (senior)
Logan Howlett: 19 (senior)
Peter Maximoff: 15 (sophomore)
Lorna Maximoff (Dane): 15 (sophomore)
Nina Lehnsherr: 7 (2nd grade)
Kitty Pryde: 15 (sophomore)
Kurt Wagner: 15 (sophomore)
Scott Summers: 15 (sophomore)
Alex Summers: 17 (senior)
Hank McCoy: 18 (senior)
Kate Bishop: 14 (freshman)
Matthew Murdoc: 15 (sophomore)
Foggy Nelson: 15 (sophomore)
Gamora: 16 (junior)
Peter Quill: 16 (junior)
Peter Parker: 15 (junior)
Wade Wilson: 17 (senior)
Gwen Stacy: 15 (junior)
Harry Osborn: 15 (junior)
Sam Wilson: 17 (senior)
Phil Coulson: 18 (senior)
David Xavier: 5 (kindergarten)
Miles Morales: 5 (kindergarten)
Domino Xavier: 6 (1st grader)
Laura Howlett: 4
Miya Lensherr: 4 (this is Peter's little sister from Apocalypse. She's named after her actress in this)
Ava Starr: 14 (freshman)
Sigyn Avitori: 16 (junior)
Erik Killmonger: 18 (senior)
Scott Lang: 18 (senior)
Weasel: 20
Johann Schmidt: principal
Sebastian Shaw: vice principal
Odin: principal
Erik Lehnsherr: councilor
Charles Xavier: Professor
Raven: p.e.
Azazel: teacher
Howard Stark: vice principal
Yondu Udonta-Quill: councilor


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