let's get to know each other!

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i wanted to get to know my readers better since you guys are so sweet and funny which is why i'll be doing a get to know each other! basically i'll be asking you questions and i'll be answering them myself :)

• book or movie?

- definitely movie, i hate reading books

do you have any favorite ships?

- mileven and whouffle

how do you say 'i love you' in your language?

- te amo

favorite movie genre?

- any genre that isn't horror whoops

you have $1,000,000 to make a viral video. what video do you make?

- a real life epic mario kart race

celebrity crush?

- tom holland

a music artist you don't like?

- cardi B

if you were to be stuck in one show, what would it be?

- i would say doctor who because i love thinking about exploring the universe and traveling through time and space (also because it's literally my favorite show)

most awkward moment you've experienced?

- everyday is an awkward moment for me.

would you rather travel back in time or travel to the future?

- i would travel back in time because i find it interesting

do you watch anime? if you do, what's your favorite anime?

- i don't frequently watch anime but i have seen sword art online and i really enjoyed it

that's it! hopefully we get to know each other better 💗

p.s. feel free to ask questions yourself in the comments!

also happy late thanksgiving!

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