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'He's here. He's here.' I heard Alia said excitedly. I laughed as I got up from the lounge and made my way into the kitchen.

'Our mate is near' she said already love struck. I froze.

'Would he love us?' I asked her.

'Of course, he will. We're a package deal' she said comforting me.

Before I can answer her I was slammed against the wall, warm lips attacked mine. I gasped at the intense connection of our lips, his hands held my neck and my waist as he got more dominant in his kisses. The feel of his hand on my bare skin felt like fire burning my skin. I groaned in pleasure as he grounded against me. My hands reached his hair pulling him as close as I can get. My mate's body was so perfect for mine his heady scent of pinewood and fresh earth had me on a high.

'Mine' Alia and I said together in ecstasy as my hand moved over the contours of his muscled back.


He trailed his kisses from my lips to my jawline then to the crook of my neck. He bit softly into the skin of my neck, a moan escaped my lips as his hand traveled up my bareback.

"Mine" I heard him growled out before his sharp canines bit into the crook of my neck. The pain lasted for a second before I was sent into a sweet oblivion. As our connection grew.

Alia purred in content that her mate claimed her.

'He wants us' I said to her.

My mate pulled back and looked at me with his dark eyes filled with lust. I took that time to view my mate. He was built with naturally tanned skin. Dark wavy hair that was begging to be played with. His lips were pink and plump from our heated kisses. Oh, goddess my mate is a Greek god with his well-toned chest was outlined by his thin T-shirt.
(Excerpt from The Last Royal)

"Hey. We are not paying you to be on your phone during busy hours." The harsh voice of her boss brought Elena out of her fantasy world. Looking up from her little corner away from the coffee machine she caught the cold eyes of the woman she called boss, sometimes mother.

"I'm on my break."

"Not when we are this busy. Go take over the register from Rachel." she barked. The customers who were patiently waiting for their coffee drinks watched her with disgusted looks and shook their heads. Remembering the last word she read in her e-book she exited the app then chucked her phone under the counter in annoyance. Strolling to the register, Rachel smirked at her and sashayed her narrow behind to the back room. Rolling her eyes Elena quickly pasted her smile on her face for the customer in front of her. "Hi! Welcome Cookie Corner how can I help you?"

"Hi! ummmm can I have one of each cookie and five orders of your Americano?" The girl before Elena gave her a shy smile before sliding an American Express black card over to her. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets seeing the card, everyone knows the time of people who carry around such cards. Looking up at the girl she looks no younger than eighteen and she was utterly beautiful. "Sure no problem. New here?" Elena asked putting through the order then gathering the cookies in the shop's signature box.

"Yes. I am currently attending the college." The girl spoke pretty formally, her poise upright and elegant. Whereas the other patrons were in very casual jeans and t-shirt she was dressed in a pink sleeveless dress stopping at her knee and an ankle boots. Her blonde hair was currently in a ponytail showing off her green eyes. She stuck out like a sore thumb but it gave her a lot of attention from the males in the cafe. Giving her the receipt after cashing her order she showed her where to wait for her coffees. The girl didn't take the box of cookies, she simply stepped aside and out of thin air a guy taller than she came to her side. No words were said he simply took the box and stood behind her without a word. The man looked at Elena and gave her a polite nod, a blush stained her cheeks from being acknowledged by a handsome man such as him. Back at the register she tended to her customers but felt a gaze on her throughout the three customers after the girl.
At her fourth customer, the girl came up to the register. "Would you like to be my friend?" she asked with a bright smile. Elena was taken aback by the abrupt question. The last time someone was so innocently forward with her was in kindergarten. "Uhhhh. Sure. Yeah. Cool." Not knowing which one to choose to answer Elena said all.

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