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Three days later

Ellen’s POV

The day was shit, finding out one of the only people I know in London is going back to America, I had retreated to the gym, and been running on the treadmill for at least two hours, watching people coming in and out of the room, my ear phones were in and im sure the people on the other side of the room can hear it, I close my eyes for a moment as I run, momentarily blocking out the music and hear a fast thump in my ears, my heart is racing, and I haven’t felt like this since the first month of being in London, I barely come to the gym, I don’t know why it’s not like I get many shifts at work, I have one like twice a week not even that some times. I hold down he button that slows the treadmill until its stopped, I step down taking a long sip of my water as I grip my small towel ridding myself of sweat, my legs are tingling and feel numb from the amount of running I have done, I think about going to the boxing room, not sure whether I want to go home or not, I make up my disition when I start making my way into the room, my body deciding for me as I place my things on the floor beside the bag I always take, I drop to the floor of a moment while I slip my gloves on.

The crunch for the chain into the wood makes me go harder, its always been that way, when I did kick boxing they said the crunch was a good thing to hear on your opponent, the crunch of their bones, the sound I’ve came to know so well, you could say my kick boxing trainer only did it so he could pass on his disrespect towards others but I guess im glade for it, any physical fight I have ever been in against a man of woman, I eighty percent of the time came out on top, only ever stopping after the crack of a bone. I feel a pinching feeling in my ribs as I continue to smash into the bag, I ignored it for a while before it became too much and I had to stop the movements of my right arm, I stumbled back slightly as I ripped the gloved of my hand, putting pressure on the aching spot, the warmth of my skin soothing it slightly.

“Are you okay?” I spin around to see Zayn, one of Louis’ friend.

“Yeah, fine.” I smile as I take my left glove off and shove it in my bag.

“Are you sure, what happen to your back?” I frowned and turn to him, “the bruise, how’d you get it?” I push my finger into the skin slightly and the sting makes me wince.

“Ah, I don’t know.” I reply and he just watches me, I grip my bag, sliding the strap onto my shoulder, “I think im gonna go.” I say and start walking towards the door before he can reply; I grip my towel and wipe the sweat from my face, chest, stomach and very gently from my back. “Sorry.” I mumble as I hit a larger frame then my own, I look up as see Harry, I let out a sigh. “Can you please let my past.”


“Because I want to go home.” I say as I push the towel back into my bag.


“Can you just fuck off!” he goes to say something but I continue, “You say why one more time and I will punch you square in the face.” I say and shove past him, stifling a wince as I elbow myself, when I step outside the gym its almost dark, I start walking to the apartment building and once I get there head up to the top floor, I fiddle in my bag for the keys as I step out of the elevator and stand in front of the door.

“Are you okay?” I hear Liam and turn to see him standing in the doorway of his now open door, I nod and finally find my keys, shoving them in the lock.

“Im fine.” I say.

“Zayn said otherwise.” I laugh slightly.

“Zayn doesn’t know me.” he nods.

“But I do and you don’t seem yourself.” I sigh and push open the door.

“I’m fine, Liam trust me.” I close the door before he can say anything else and throw my keys on the bench, I take my bag into my room and drop it beside the bed before going up onto the bathroom platform and turning my back to the mirror, I look over my shoulder and sure enough there’s a large purple and blue bruise blemishing my skin. I frown and stipe down from my gym clothes and turn on the shower, waiting for it to heat up and stepping under the steaming hot water, I instantly feel my muscles relax. Once I got out I walked into my wardrobe and slipped into clean underwear, tracksuit pants and a jumper, I made my way out into the main room and plopped down on the lounge, turning the TV on with the remote and flicking though the channels.

Three days later

I sat in the kitchen on one of the stools, video chatting with Tegan and Claudia, it was three in the afternoon here so six in the morning there, we were talking about me coming back in march for my birthday, we haven’t seen each other in person since I left last year in October, I was eating a piece of toast when the girls started giggling, I looked back at the screen and noticed Louis in the background only in his underwear, I turned the laptop and the girls frown.

“Turn it back!” Tegan demands.

“Morning.” Louis murmured and kissed my lips.

“It’s afternoon actually.” I tell him and he frowns his brow going towards the fridge, I turn the laptop back in my direction and the girls are just watching.

“HI LOUIS!” the shouted and I almost fell off my chair.

“The girls say hi.” I told and he looked at me.

“Hello.” He says slightly more awake, the girls look amused when I look back at the screen.

“You’re going to make me go deaf.” I say to them and Louis looks at me confused, I point to the laptop.

“His got a really good body.” Claudia says and I smile nodding looking towards him with his back to me, his arm slightly draped over the fridge door as he observes what I have in it.

“How far have you gone?” Tegan blurts and my eyes widen, “Ellen.” Tegan coos to me a smile on her face and I shake my head.

“I haven’t.” I tell them and she wriggles her eye brows.

“Im sure.” Claudia looks amused and I look back and forth from Louis to the screen, his still engrossed in the fridge.

“I haven’t.” I say more sternly.

“What have you done then.” Claudia asks.

“You haven’t only kissed right?” Tegan’s eyes are wide and I shake my head.

“No just not.” I pause, “That.” Louis now leans on the counter, taking my tost in between his fingers watching me.

“Then if not that what have you done.”

“Not now.” I say looking away from Louis’ curious eyes.

“We’ll have you showered together?” I shake my head at Tegan’s question and she frowns.

“Have you seen each other naked?” she asked.

“I have.” I tell her.

“What about him.” I type my response not wanting to say my reply out loud, Louis will know exactly what we’re talking about.

-I’ve seen him naked and his seen me from the waist down.-

I see them read it and they smirk at me, “That’s it?” Claudia asked and I shrug.

“Is it big?” Tegan asked and my eyes widen.

“Tegan!” I look back at Louis and his still watching me.

“That’s a secret.” I frown, “Hey, I’ll talk to you later.” We say our goodbyes and I close my laptop pulling my earphones out and looking at Louis.

“Hi.” I smile and he takes the last bight of my toast.

“Hi” I lean over the bench and kiss his lips, “What’s a secret?” Louis asked.

“Nothing.” I reply and grip his hand fiddling with his fingers, “Come back to Australia with me.” I look up from our hands and his watching me.

“In March?” I nod, he smiles and squeezes my hand lightly.

“Okay.” I smile, he walks around the island and stands in front of me, I part my legs and let him stand between them as I look up at him, our lips connecting in a sweet kiss.

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