I soon discovered that once I spoke about myself and my past briefly, both Lucas and Amy became more inclined to open up to me. Lucas it seemed had been brought up much like myself but another human had discovered what he was and had kidnapped him, to use as a bargaining chip with the Draconians, his life since then had been miserable to say the least and it seemed that Rufus wasn't above mistreating women either.

Amy had been born to a human mother as we all had but, had been raised alongside Lolita and other hybrid children. She had never known what life was like in the open, only the daily grind as a child soldier. The older she got, the more disillusioned she became with her alien family. Until it all came to a head when she fell in love and they killed him in front of her, as a reminder that she must obey the rules. Her face became a stony mask as she recounted what they did. My heart cried out for her, I placed my hand on her shoulder. It was small comfort, but I knew what she was feeling.

I'd used my anger, bitterness, love and regret to carry me from day to day after losing Collins. And the feelings were still raw. I saw a kindred soul and she did too.

We discussed others who had suffered at the hands of our creators, and both could identify a few more who would be interested to stop this invasion. The plan was for each of us to identify those who would be sympathetic to our cause and bring them together. Numbers was our game, the more we had, the stronger as a whole we would be. But we had a problem. Rufus.

I had yet to see him since the attack, he'd cowed more than a few others into doing his bidding. And as long as we took part in the training and the testing, the Draconians did not need care what happened. I'd seen a few take away a hybrid, during the course of our discussion and I mentioned it to Amy.

"You do not want to know".. her face had turned pale.

"Amy, come on. I need to know everything that's happening in this place. How can I get us out of here unless I do?" I pleaded with her.

Lolita had turned away, clearly not wanting to talk to me about it either. It was Lucas who explained.

"They're either food or for mating" , my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

"I thought humans were meat and we aren't allowed to mate?" A sick feeling began to creep over me.

Lucas snorted. "We might be hybrids, but we're here to do their bidding. If they're low on food, we're easily accessible and every animal has needs". I shuddered at that thought. "Have many come back?" I asked, scared of knowing the answer.

"If you're food, then that's a no. If you're for mating, then maybe. A few have been returned, but they're never the same again, which ultimately turns them into food. So, whichever way you look at it. You're fucked." He shrugged his shoulders at the shock on my face.

"Then we all need to get out of here, and fast". I said. A bell rang out, and everyone stood up and bagan to file out of the room.

"Training" explained Lolita. Lucas and Amy began to follow the others as Lolita guided me to where training would begin.

We entered into the vast hall again, where I was taken to the first day. A few Draconians and Greys were stood at the front, all watching as each hybrid began to stretch their bodies and warm up. I watched as two hybrids began to pace around each other in their human forms before they began to trade blows. But once blood was spilt, it was like a calling to the monster within and they transformed into their other forms and that's when the fighting intensified.

As I watched, I realised that everyone had paired up and had began to follow suit. I began wondering what it was I was supposed to do next when a blow to the back of my head caught me unawares, and sent me sprawling to the floor.

"I would have thought you'd be more on your guard after our rendezvous the other night" Hatred and rage filled me as I realised it was Rufus. I got to my feet and turned to face him. "Well cowards never do like to fight fair". I balanced my weight evenly on the balls of my feet, my hands held loosley above my waist.

"Well then, you gonna stand there? Or are you going to give me a chance at getting my own back" I winked at him. Taking him aback, I took the chance and smacked my palm up against his chin, causing him to bite down on his tongue, which had begun to bleed. I laughed, at him. I think it was the adrenaline and the fact I was frightened of him.

"You bitch!" He snarled and advanced towards me. He skin had begun to shimmer, and his scales poked through his skin. He hadn't fully changed yet, a sure sign he was battling with his emotions. I matched him, step for step and then ducked and rolled, keeping my leg out which caught him in the stomach, winding him. I straightened up again, but this time he punched me in the side of my face. My ears were ringing and it hurt like hell. I staggered a little and he crept up behind me and pulled me towards him. His rancid breathe was hot on my neck.

"I'm going to enjoy taking you, again and again Reve. Until you're nothing but food for the others" Something snapped inside of me hearing him speak like that to me, and immediately I was encased in my other form, my talons dug unto the underside of his neck, I felt smooth skin gave way to muscle, tendons and blood. Not giving him the chance to escape, I turned my body towards him and clamped down on his other arm, refusing to leg go, as I dug my talons in deeper. Ripping away through the muscles in his neck. I turned to look him in the eyes, this vile monster who'd abused, not just me but many others and I took a deep satisfaction that it was me who was killing him. His eyes were wide with shock and pain.

I threw his body away from me, noticing how his neck was at an odd angle where I'd tore through. Blood covered me, and I threw my head back in a furious roar. My kill, my redemption, my life! I thought as I roared. It was then that I heard not my own voice but others, joining me in my triumph. A ring of hybrids circled me, Rufus's body was being dragged away by a Draconians, whilst the others looked on with interest. Each Hybrid, came one by one and placed their hands on my cheek or on my shoulder. I was taken aback by their sudden eagerness to touch me. I stood still until the last ones to approach me where Lolita, Amy and Lucas.

They looked at me with a mixture of pride, and wariness. It was Lucas who first spoke. "I was unsure whether or not you could pull off this wild idea of yours. But it seems as if I've underestimated you Reve", he smiled and he placed his hand, palm up and cupped my cheek. "We're yours to lead now" and he stepped aside as both Amy and Lolita followed his actions. Lolita, ignoring my blood covered body, hugged me fiercely. "You've done, what most have wanted to do in a long time. And not only that, you now have the respect of all the hybrids. They'll follow your lead" She was grinning like mad.

"It needed to be done" I said. I looked towards the Draconians stood at the far side, a few where eyeing me curiously. I hoped I hadn't killed one monster, just to be replaced by another.

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