Eternal Reminders [Kid x Reader]

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Was feeling in the mood for some Kid, so here you go. Hope you like it! :)

!! I don't honestly know how to warn people for this chapter. There are really brief mentions of explicit violence, so if you are really sensitive, continue at your own risk.



Oh, he was mad. He was really mad.

Kid's grip on the neck of the first marine he had lay his hands on tightened, his amber orbs fixated on the man's contorted expression, observing intently how he suffocated until the sound of broken bones was heard.

Letting go of the limp body, he scanned the area searching for his next victim.

The redhead wasn't even wasting his time asking for directions as to where you were. He would find you, he would, but first he planned to kill every single living thing on that boat.

He could hear Killer somewhere in the upper deck, the sound of his scythes clashing against metal indicating the captain of the Kid Pirates that his first mate had found someone that remotely represented a challenge for him.

Kid stopped the attack of a marine with his metal hand, his fingers gripping the blade until it broke. Turning in the man's direction, a demonic smile plastered on his lips as his flesh digits took a hold of the soldier's neck.

He brought the man up to eye level, the marine's fingers fighting vainly against his hold.

"Do you think you can steal from me and get out alive?"

His harsh tone and evil stare sent shivers down the marine's spine and, as the first tears rolled down the man's cheeks, the pirate tightened his grip until his knuckles turned white, and the body went limp.

The scene repeated itself until there was only one marine standing on deck, the captain, who was currently kneeling in front of a Den Den Mushi with a scythe against his Adam's apple.

The animal rang for a good half a minute before someone picked up the call on the other side, and if Kid had had any patience left in his body, it was gone by then.

The marine at the other side of the line, a Vice admiral, had barely any time to finish answering before the mechanic interrupted him.

"I'm Eustass Kid, captain of the Kid Pirates. I'm talking from one of your boats; I have one of your minions here to prove it." The redhead kicked the captain on the stomach, the man bending forward, grunting and gasping, and only muttering a plead towards his superior once he had recovered from the blow.

"Enough!" The mechanic growled, taking the speaker from the man's mouth and punching him so hard that he spat blood and a tooth out.

Kid brought the speaker up, ready to continue with his speech, but the Vice admiral cut him off, questioning what were his conditions to let the man go.

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