After Math

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One Day Later Bowsette POV

I was constantly pacing back and forth within my room. While biting the tips of my thumbnail. Kamek watching from my bedroom chair.

Kamek: What seems to be troubling you my Queen?

Me: Oh nothing just the fact that (Y/N) hasn't said a word to me yesterday after the school that night. I didn't mean to be so forceful it-it just happened.

Kamek: What do you mean not a word?

Me: Everytime I see him at the castle walls he pretends to slip to the ground level. If I catch him in the barracks he finds an empty shell and blends in with the rest. If I see him in the library he covers his face with his dictionary and leaves through the other exit. Last night he even slept on the other end of the bed.

Kamek: Sounds like he's keeping his distance. But don't you think he's just trying to process the current information?

Me: Well I-I don't know!? I can't even think straight. The Maria sisters are already halfway through the desert. So, that's a bonus to my morning.

Kamek: Your highness. How about I whip a little something for the sisters and you actually try to engage with (Y/N) when you get the chance.

Me: (Sigh) You make it sound so easy.

Kamek: That's what I do. I'll be back in under the hour.

He summoned his broom and zoomed out the window to give attention to the sisters. I just sigh and head downstairs for late breakfast. I wonder if the head chef found a good cook yet?

Your POV 20 mins Earlier

I was wandering the halls looking down in my dictionary now in letter D. I'm stopped in my tracks when a sudden commotion comes from the left door. I see a Hammer Bro receive a foot sending him to the wall. Another Hammer bro stepped from the same door.

Chef: And stay out until you know how to actually fry an egg! You pure simpleton!

The bro fell the ground dazed as I walked up to the Chef who muttered to himself.

Chef: Can't find a single good cook in this castle and the miss hasn't even had her breakfast yet.

I then tapped his shoulder and he looked up at me.

Me: Is there a problem?

Chef: OF COURSE THERE IS! Look around in my kitchen. Not a living soul! Not even a Boo! This is a catastrophe. I can't even teach any of these numb skulls to cook since I'm always busy.

Me: Well... Can I help?

Chef: Ha. You? You have no experience.

Me: True but it's better to try than letting things crumble to pieces. Plus if I help you in the kitchen. Won't it give you time to give cooking lessons?

He put his hand on his chin and tapped his foot. It sounded like he cursed under his breath  before standing straight.

Chef: Fine. The Queen likes her eggs fried, and her ham seared to the crisp. If you can do that I can trust you in the kitchen.

Me: Ham and eggs? How hard could it be?

I was given the proper clothing and I put my book to the side. Placing a pan on one of many stoves and cracking two eggs leaving them to fry a bit. Getting another pan and a cutting board. Uncut ham is put out in front of me. Instincts kicking like I've done this before and I cut the ham thin. I continued the required steps and eventually got the required product. Even decorating it with a bit a hot sauce with coffee in a cup the side.

Chef: Sacré bleu! You made it look like that's you one millionth dish.

Me: It's just ham and eggs.

Chef: No no! I have found my cook at last. Oh the queen must meet her new cook.

Me: Uh-huh heh you know she doesn't have to see me right?

Chef: Oh yes monsieur! In fact it's time for her to eat right now! Go present her food!

He pushed the fish into my hands and pushed out the door. I then heard a bell ring behind me  as I had a feeling who it was.

Bowsette: Table is over here my friend.

I gulp as I turned around revealing my face as I slowly walked up to her.

Bowsette: (Y/N)?

I eventually reached her side and slowly put down her food.

Me: Y-Your food and drink that you waited for.

Bowsette: Did you make this?

Me: I shoul-

Bowsette: Wait.

She grabbed my hand pulling me towards her.

Bowsette: I'm sorry about that night. I forced myself upon you. Your avoiding me because you felt violated I'm sorry.

I looked down in shame as I kneeled beside her.

Me: I wasn't trying to avoid you because of what you did mostly.

Bowsette: Then what?

Me: It's... I don't want to be part of your life and then when the sisters get here and Plum gets me that I'm just taken right away from you. I do want to return your feelings to you. I'm sorry I made it look like I was avoiding you.

I say looking at my feet. I guess vocabulary wasn't the only thing I was dumb in. I'm brought out of my thoughts when a hand feels my cheek as I looked up a bit seeing Bowsette standing.

Bowsette: I won't let them take you. Even if they I'll send my whole fleet to take you right back.

She says putting her forehead against mine as our noses also touch.

Me: I know you will.

She smiled as she sat back down bringing her with me as she held me.

Bowsette: Now time to feed my little chef~.

Me: Can you not say it like that?

Bowsette: C'mon let me have a little fun.

Me: Plus I'm not even hungry.

She ignoring me put a piece of egg and ham on her fork and put it in front of my face.

Bowsette: Open wide.

I kept my mouth sealed and ignored any attempt if her starting a conversation.

Bowsette: Have it your way.

Her open went to middle of back and her fingers moved up and down my spine making me giggle a bit. When the feeling was to hard to contain my mouth slipped opened as I found food in my mouth and she stopped tickling me. I looked at her face filled with victory as I give an pouty expression.

Me: You're evil.

Bowsette: You know it.

She giggled as she put her fork down to grab her coffee. A word then came to my mind as I was very curious of what it meant.

Me: Hey Bowsette?

Bowsette: Yes my dear?

She said taking a sip of her coffee.

Me: What's sex?

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