chapter forty-three ; rabid dog

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november. 2010

Briefcases of money. Blood. Bullets. Shattered glass. A corpse.

Those the things that were scattered the small valley. After around ten minutes of an all out brawl, Joe's gang had finally won the battle.

Robert's body was lifeless in the sand. His clothes were ripped and soaking wet with his blood. There were multiple bullet holes in his head, neck, and chest. The man fought till the bitter end. He managed to take out three of Joe's gang members but then was shot and killed by Joe himself.

As for David, he'd been shot in the leg and was laying in the sand behind the police car. His gun was out of ammo, he couldn't walk, and there was nothing left for him to do. His only hope was Robert's shotgun but it was in the middle of everything.

David slowly started crawling and inching his way toward the glorious shotgun. Alas he was quickly stopped by a kick in the stomach from Ellen Hayes.

"You men never give up do you?" She asked sarcastically with a nasty scoff. She then walked away from him and started to look for her nemesis, Millie Brown.

Ever since Ellen met Millie, the two had been at odds for some reason. They simply couldn't stand eachother. It was a classic case of cats versus dogs. They had too many differences to ever possibly get along.

Joe stepped toward David and aimed his pistol at the lawman's head.

"NO!" Finn shouted at the gang leader. The tall boy was finally able to open the car door and he flopped out onto the ground. He landed painfully on his back; since he was handcuffed he wasn't able to catch himself.

Joe laughed. "Why not? We already whacked his partner. Besides, if we don't kill him we are all gonna sit in prison for the rest of our lives."


"Winona... Hello." Karen Wolfhard said in a surprised tone after opening the door to see her sister standing outside.

Winona stepped inside and exhaled. "I uhm, I have to tell you. David... He arrested Finn. They uh... They got him with the evidence." She stated. She had a feeling that it would be best to simply spit it out instead of beating around the bush.

Karen felt like her heart stopped beating. Her son was in fact a criminal mastermind who'd been arrested. Before she had no clue wether David was telling the truth or not, but she finally knew. It pretty much killed her to know the truth.

Finn. Her precious Finn.

He was a monster.


"Joe... Joe please. He's family. He's my uncle and I love him." Finn begged while literally on his knees. It was extroardinarily difficult to stand up while handcuffed so the boy simply stayed on the ground.

For the first time in a long time Finn was being completely open and truthful. There was no ulterior motive. He just wanted Joe to spare a completely innocent man. Poor Finn was, crying, shaking, and breathing much too hard. He felt like he was going to hyperventilate but he did his best to stay calm.

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