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Ellen’s POV

We had made it back to Louis’, the time becoming later and later and I decided I wasn’t going to school tomorrow, Louis and I entered his room and he grabbed my a pair of his tracksuit pants and a shirt from the wardrobe, I headed towards the door, about to go to the bathroom and change.

“You can get changed in here you know.” I look at him and shake my head before exiting the room as he chuckles lightly.

His lips grazed my jaw as his hand slightly tugged his t shirt down from my shoulder, Louis nipped at the newly exposed skin, making me whimper, my body froze as his larger hand skimmed down my body, dangerously close to my crotch, but I flinched back before he could touch me. Louis’ eyes never left my face; my breathing became increasingly heavy as he cautiously played with the tips of my fingers. They became intertwined with his, slowly he pulled me forward, Louis sat on the edge of the bed looking up at me, he caught hold of my other hand, tugging me forwards until I was stood in between his legs. My chest rose and fell quickly as I felt him place a hand around the back of my thigh, he lifted it, encouraging me to straddle his lap.

Louis shifted back further on the bed, I placed my hand on his chest to stop me falling into him. My touch quickly withdrew as I watched him grip the bottom of his t shirt. The fabric was swiftly pulled over his head before chucking the clothing to the floor, my eyes were instantly drawn to the slightly tanned skin of his torso. I gasped as Louis caught hold of my hand, he brought it up to his shoulder before guiding me down over his left collar bone. His hand left mine and I continued to touch his chest, his muscles were toned, hard under my soft fingertips, I’ve barely ever taken notice, I watched his mouth part as my index finger lightly ran over his nipple. Hot breath forced from his body as my touch travelled down his front, carefully I traced the defined lines on his stomach, Louis couldn’t take his now dark eyes off me as I dipped into the curves, I curiously let my fingers wander to the V lines on his hips, but my touch ceased when I reached the black band of his Calvin Klein’s which were visible over the top of his jeans.

I froze, still sat on Louis’ lap as he slowly released his belt, the button was popped open and the zip pulled down, my eyes widened, Louis acted quickly as I tried to climb off him, one of his larger hands held my thigh, the other slid around to my lower back in an effort to keep me straddling him. We stayed like that for a few moments, my shaky breath trembled from my lips as Louis’ grew deeper, I shivered as his touch ran up my back, forcing me closer to him, he leaned forward, his nose brushing my cheek as he desperately tried to get me to respond, I turned my head towards him, giving him the opportunity to catch my lips with his. Louis’ hand disappeared from my leg, a deep moan followed which vibrated against my mouth, I pulled away, my wide eyes instantly darting down to find Louis’ fingers rubbing over his crotch, his eyes closed, the movements becoming harder, his mouth parting once again, I couldn’t stop myself, my fingers carefully moving to his forehead, brushing the hair back, he hummed with my touch a small smile appearing on his face.

I had never seen him like this before, he seemed almost vulnerable as I watched him press his palm down, Louis was quietly moaning, enjoying the pleasure washing through his body, his eyes shot open when my fingertips trailed down the tensed muscles in his stomach, my hand trembled as I moved to the black fabric revealed by his undone jeans. I gasped as his larger hand fell over mine, encouraging me, Louis’ eyes locked on my face as he showed me how to touch him, he grew harder as I gently squeezed, watching in awe as Louis’ hips rocked up to my touch, a short time later he withdrew his presence, “Harder.” He instructed quietly.

I applied more pressure which had Louis groaning in approval, my name fell in breath gasps from his mouth as I continued to rub over him. I couldn’t quite believe what was happening, moisture was beginning to pool on the black fabric and Louis’ moans were becoming more frequent, his face contorted in pleasure, his head rolling back, my hand caught the back of his neck, whilst my other continued to move against his prominent bulge. I leaned forward placing my lips on the warm skin of Louis’ neck, his fingertips dug into my backside when I began to suck, a deep moan was forced from the back of his throat as I increased the intensity of my mouth, sucking as hard as I could, my teeth grazed the already red skin, still holding his head to my mouth.

A strangled moan echoed around the room before a wet heat spread in his boxers, Louis continued to breathe heavily as another wave crashed through him, his hands held me close as his hips rocked up, desperate for more contact. “Ellen.” I bit down on his neck as he stilled, coming down from his high, both my hands now held him to my lips, he let out a grunt at my dominant actions, but quickly decided to reverse the roles. Louis flipped us over, my lips losing contact with his skin as I lay beneath him. He panted heavily above me before gripping both my wrists in one of his larger hands, bringing my arms above my head. I nervously watched as he reached up to the painful looking purple mark on his neck, Louis’ eyes squeezed closed as his fingertips gently brushed over the skin, I was somewhat surprised when he displayed a smirk.

My eyes fluttered closed as he left a heavy kiss on my mouth, Louis’ touch left me feeling weak as he playfully ran his tongue over my bottom lip, he released my wrists and climbed off of me, strolling over to the other side of the room. I sat up, resting my weight on my elbows, I couldn’t help but admire the way his back muscles expanded and contracted when he walked, his belt was still undone as he turned to me. Clean boxers were held in his hand and he winked at me before exiting the room and closing the door. I heard the water turn on as I shuffled back on the bed, im thankful the bathroom is just across the hall from Louis’ room, so in the middle of the night im not trudging thought his house waking everyone, my fingers carefully ran over my lips, the tingling I felt when Louis kissed me still lingered on my mouth.

I was pulled from sleep at the sound of thunder, my breathing uneven as I look towards the window, rain drops racing down the glass as new ones are spat across it, I feel Louis stir beside me and look to see him rolling on his side, facing the other way to me, I relax back into the bed as the room is lit up by lightning, seconds later thunder sounding, Louis jolted awake beside me, his breathing heavy as he rolled over to face me, I grip his hand and move closed, Louis wrapped his arms around me as if afraid im going to disappear.

“It’s okay, its only thunder.” I whisper softly stroking the side of his face, his grip tightens further around me body, I press my lips to his cheek and I feel his muscles relax, his breathing evening out as I stroke his face with my index finger.

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