Chapter 12

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"How was your first day?" Byron smiled as Rose arrived home. She now worked a little later than her brother.

"As good as work can be, I guess," she smiled. "But it's great to be back."

"Have I seemed distracted lately?" He asked, totally off topic.

"Um...well, I don't know. The usual. Why?"

"Cause I must've been pretty busy not to find out all these little secrets about my sister," he winked.

Rose couldn't help but giggle. He was right, though; it was a bit out of character. As she started heading into the living room, she had to weave around the broken objects due to the damage. "I guess we should start cleaning up," Rose suggested. Byron nodded as they began to clean up the trashed house for the first time. They couldn't afford to buy any new furniture, so when they finished, the house was nearly empty and the rest thrown away.


With steady jobs now in tact, Rosemary felt a bit more financially secure, although they still had no money to save for the time being. Extra shifts for both of them helped build up a little income.

Rose had been working at Cobrici's for just over a month now, when something shocked her. A man her age walked through that door. She recognized him. His eyes shot open as soon as he laid eyes on her, but quickly moved away. Beautiful, dirty blonde hair fell lightly onto the top of his forehead. Shimmering blue eyes made it all slow motion for Rose; especially when he stared at her. He was accompanied by another man, whom she didn't recognize. The other approached her to get a table.

She saw him approach the guy getting the table from her. "I think we should go somewhere else," he whispered, thinking Rose didn't hear him.

His friend shook his head and the man rolled his eyes as he gave in. She seated them at the table, but not before they both exchanged one more glance. She froze in place. It was him, she was sure now. Rose's muscles clenched as Adam Bryers tracked past her eyes.

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