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Mary's POV

I woke up soaked in tears . The day when August died in my arms replayed in my head . It was a nightmare sent from the devil .

Ethan held me closer to him . I began to feel secure . I haven't felt secure in a long time .

"Shhhh. It was just a nightmare ." His voice was so soothing just like August's voice.

"He died in my arms !" I cried . It was a very traumatizing moment In my life .

"Relax princess . He's in the sky with your mom and dad taking care of you ." He was trying so hard to calm my nerves .

He kissed my cheek which soothed me a little in a weird way . My breathing got steady and my crying stopped . He was doing magic by calming my nerves.

"I love you ." I heard someone whisper into my ear . I looked over his shoulder and saw August smiling softly. My heart ached at the sight . I missed him like hell .

"I love you princess." Ethan kissed the top of my head .

"How are you doing this to me." I said referring to him calming me down .

"Doing what ?" He was confused.

"Easing my pain and calming my nerves." I replied.

"Princess I know my ways ." He half smiled .

"Thank you ." I said to him as tears of joy fell down my face .

He leaned in slowly I noticed my self leaning in slowly too . Next thing you know we were kissing .

Something I thought I would ever do again on my life is happening all over again

I woke up .........

I looked around and saw August ,Christopher , and Tremaine.  I was in the hospital. They all had worried looks on their faces .

"What's going on ." I could barely speak .

August ran towards the bed .

"Oh my god ! Babygirl you're awake ." He grabbed and kissed my hand multiple times .

"What happened ?" I asked him .

"You went into a sleep whenever you were laid in my arms . You took too many pills it knocked you out for three days . I told you to stop using them . You saw what they did to me." He was getting choked up .

"We almost lost you M ." Chris said wiping away his tears .

"You're lucky you didn't overdose." Trey finally spoke .

August wiped his tears away .  I was too weak to move . I knew that one extra pill I took in the restroom in the morning was going to fuck me up .   I was too hard headed to listen to my conscience.

This is what it cost me . Almost dying again. ........

At least the nightmare ended . He wasn't 6feet under and I never lost my fucking mind .

2 days later

"August baby , Can I get a kiss ." I puckered my lips waiting for my kiss . 

He turned to face me and pecked my lips .

He's been a bit over the edge lately. He threw the  Percocet bottle away. He's been watching me like a dog . I've been taking care of myself for the past two days . Those pills were just an addiction that hurt me and him .

"You can sleep , but you have to sleep right next to me on the couch . I have to keep working on this album." He said to me .

"August I want to sleep on my bed please." I begged him .

"Babygirl I'm sorry but no . Come on I'll lay with you for a little so you can get comfortable and go to sleep on there ." He wouldn't budge.

"Baby I want my bed ." I was tired .

"Babygirl please don't do this . You know I have to keep an eye on you ." He insisted .

"Ok , fine !"I rolled my eyes .

I remembered that the couch transforms into a bed  . I pulled out the cushions then unfolded the bed . I threw some pillows on it and grabbed my blanket. August looked relieved that it had a bed built in .

He laid next to me for a while . I slowly dosed off .

August's POV

I can't let her go again. She's to precious to be gone from me because of some stupid pills .
I've been through it and the road wasn't fun . They fucked me up . When I met her I was still on them she was the reason I stopped . She helped me heal . It had a Yungin stressed because seeing her soul leave her body for 30 minutes made me cry . I had almost lost my babygirl to some stupid addiction. I know her life ain't all rainbows and sunshine , but I'm here to make sure she sees the brighter side of this cold ass world . She was my salvation , now I'm going to be hers . Her mind is strong I know she can get through this . I'm going to make sure . She's hurting and I'm here to heal that . When her mind is in a dark place I can see it in her face . I can see it in her eyes .

As I laid with her in my arms I began to cry . I just want her to be ok . I just want my babygirl to be ok . I want her tears to stop and only run down her face because of happiness. I want her to smile every morning she wakes up . I want my princess back . I want her to love me the way I love her . I want her to be laid up in my arms every day . I want her to feel like I care for her because I do . I need her to know that I'm here for whatever she might need me for .

Seeing her die on me traumatized me for life . She almost left this world and almost left me alone . When that line went flat my the world froze . Doctors rushed in and took me out .
30 minutes felt like 30hours . God was listening to my prayers. If I ever lose everything I still have him. He listened to my cries and sent her back . He brought her back to me . He sent me the angel that has freed me from my demons . My life had never been this free . It had always been sell dope for a couple dollars. Stick up a few corner stores for a quick buck . Now I'm here living in the riches with an angel in disguise.

"Dear father god , I thank you for listening and giving me this angel. I thank you for healing her . I thank you for this life . I thank you for giving me this healthy life each and every single day . I thank you for leading me and her through the way . Amen ." I needed to thank him .

Tears Just ran down my face . She was beautiful. I can't believe I have her . A woman loved by many men and she only loves one.

Her pretty eyes and that smile I'm a fool for that. She's a huge blessing and she will ..............

Forever be my lady .

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