Falling In Love With A Jerk I Hate Chapter 6

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Carter's POV

I was so gonna kill her. If she hadn't ran away from me this would never have happened. I wish I hadn't stopped when she yelled, because by now I would have been far far far away from this. Ugh. I hate those situations. Come on, I go to school so I can take a break from all those paparazzi, but I guess I was bound to have a couple of fans here.

Here I was thankful for Amy's intervention, but I had to know this girl was a minx. She's a deceitful little chit. And to say it's only been half an hour we met. It must have been hate at first sight. Oh don't worry Amy, you're not the only one.

"Well, it's all yours buddy." she said with a devilish grin. I swear I wish I could wipe that smile from her face.

I was going to give her another of my glares, when she hit me square between the shoulders. I stumbled forward, and stopped myself in front of the teacher who turned all red; because I think you could say my hand had gripped her for balance, and for fear of falling.

Straightening myself, and after apologizing to a very blushing teacher, I turned around to see Amy trying to subtly exit the classroom. No way! She is not leaving me here all alone.

"Um...Mrs..." I looked at the teacher. "Um... sorry, I don't know your name."

Well, let's say she blushed all over again. "Oh my! No need to be sorry. My name is Lucy Martins" At her words, she stood right in front of me and held out her hand, which I shook for maybe 10 seconds, until I realize she wouldn't let go. Tugging at my hand, she finally let it loose, but not before I could get a look at her eyes, which were filled with admiration and also see her hand flipping her long platinum hair. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn she was flirting with me. Creepy. "But my close friends call me Luce."

"Right." I was literally horrified. "So.. Luc..Y," and turning towards all the giggling girls, disgust building inside me, "girls, I am very sorry to disappoint you, but..."

By then, my speech was covered my murmurs passed between the students. "Oh no", "No fair", "She promised". All at once, their gazes locked on Amy, filled with hatred, and I could feel trouble was ahead, which was not good at all.

For her sake, I sacrificed myself by saying, with a fake smile, "but today is your lucky day, because you all win a pair of tickets to go see my latest show. Just give me your name, and phone number and my agent will contact you with further information."

From the back of the class, some girl answered "You can get my number everyday darling" and she winked at me. In some crazy masochist way, I wished it was Amy's phone number I got. Wow, where did that come from?

"Okay, but now I will be late for my class which," looking at my watch, "began like half-an-hour ago." With a sigh, I added "Great, now I'll be late for my first day." As I drifted my eyes to the floor, I caught a glimpse of the teacher who nearly ran to her desk and wrote on a small piece of paper that I was excused for being late.

With a smirk, and a warm smile, I thanked her. "I'll see you girls another time okay? Bye" And with that, I ran for my life, grabbed Amy's arm on the way, and exited the classroom.

Once safe and sound in the hallway, I shoved Amy on a nearby locker, and closed in on her growling "What the HELL were you thinking?"


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