Chapter 28: Sweet Blood

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The boys are on their way back to Woojin's house. Silence filled the car since the driver, Minho, started it. He still feels ire within him that's why he held onto the wheel tightly, conveying some of his vex onto his grip.

"So where did he go?" The oldest of them all asked Hyunjin who seems like he's about to fall asleep any second now. He got really drained from everything that happened yesterday which he still hasn't gotten rest from.

"I'm not sure. He broke the ceiling."

"Did he leave a contact number like he said?"

"You were listening?"

Seungmin, who's beside his brother, pursed his lips together and squinted his eyes lightly. "Um, we were only able to hear the last part since everything else sounded muffled."

Hyunjin didn't speak anymore. He just stared at his forearm where Younghyun carved numbers onto with his fingernail. It was still pounding in pain. The blood has dried but the cut was too deep to not feel lasting pain from.

Finally, they had reached the lawn where Minho stopped and stared with wide eyes as if he has seen a ghost, so did Woojin. The brothers on the other hand were unbothered at the back, not witnessing what the other two were.

"Ya..." Minho said softly, not tearing his eyes away from the front.

"What?" Seungmin asked, still staring at his right where the window was placed.

"Shit." Woojin finally broke off of his trance and immediately went out of the car.

A ghoul was devouring Jinwoo's neck and that ghoul happened to be Jeongin. Jinwoo seemed to be unconscious and that just worsened the situation a lot.

Woojin's sudden leave caught the attention of the brothers and with that, Hyunjin ran out too even though Woojin had already teared the ghoul off of Jinwoo who fell on the ground in her own blood that escaped her head.

"How did you escape!" Woojin yelled to the ghoul with so much fury in his voice but the ghoul only stared at him with dead eyes. His mouth was covered in Jinwoo's blood and that triggered Woojin even more. He was about to stab the ghoul in the heart but he was stopped.

"I didn't mean to do it but her flesh smelled so sweet. I just had to."

With that, the ghoul disappeared in the air by merely jumping. The book Jinwoo asked him to carry was left on the space just under the tall tree where they were.

Hyunjin couldn't believe what he's seeing. His heart is aching, his skin is becoming cold, and all his body parts feel numb. He just asked her to be his girlfriend a few hours ago. He thought that he's the one who has his life on risk but– what is happening now? Why is she laying lifeless in front of him?

Minho and Seungmin also finally left the car but they, too, don't know what they can do. They just merely stared at the scene with mouths slight agape. Woojin on the other hand, buried his face into his hands in vexation. He couldn't think. A girl is already dead and he's not a god who can bring her back to life.

The poor lover dropped onto his knees. He felt like crying but tears can no longer seem to fill his eyes. He was slightly thankful that he didn't see his girlfriend die in front of him but despite that, she's still dead. He's still in pain. That should be him but it didn't work that way.

"Hyunjin...let's move," Seungmin slowly said to his brother but he was ignored. Hyunjin remained on the ground and is now touching the blood of his dead girlfriend, staring at his bloody hands with skeptical eyes.

Woojin now looked at the boy with a frown on his face. "What is he doing?" They all thought.

Suddenly, Hyunjin brought the blood to his lips slowly and closed his eyes. That's when Seungmin kicked his brother down and straddled him, pinning his arms on either of his side but Hyunjin didn't fight back. He just stared at nothing in particular past his younger brother's eyes.

"What the hell were you doing!"

"Smelled sweet," the older replied then licked his lips which made his brother widen his eyes even more if that was possible. "And tastes sweet."

"What the fuck?"

"Oh my god."

"Holy shit," Seungmin whispered after the two.

His brother's eyes now have veins growing around them and he knew what was coming.

But then suddenly, Jinwoo slightly moaned and started to get up from the ground which almost caught everyone's hearts in fire, even Hyunjin's whom stopped transitioning.

Everyone's lips are parted and eyes are widened as they stare at Jinwoo who seemed like a zombie to them. By this point, Seungmin's already off of Hyunjin.

Jinwoo had her eyes closed when she scratched the back of her head and that almost made Seungmin faint, thinking that there's a huge wound on the part she's scratching, considering the blood on the floor which mostly came from her head due to the impact of falling from the tree.

She turned around, still scratching her head and there is a massive wound and she's scratching it. Her fingers are tearing off the skin even more and despite being used to the gore already, the three longterm hunters all cringed at the view. Hyunjin just stared, unsure of what's happening.

Then, she finally faced the three, eyes still closed. They wished that she would open them but as soon as she did, they wished to take back their wish.

Her right eye is a red eye.

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