54th Chapter

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54th Chapter

Dana's Point of View

'Shit,' i muttered to myself. My head hurts like hell!

Where the hell am i?

Tumingin ako sa paligid ko only to find out na nandito pala ako sa condo ko. Nice. It's been a year simula nung huli kong punta dito. I moved out simula nung umalis si Cyriel papuntang States. I went back home because i don't think i can live alone during those times. I was hurt, no, that's a shitty understatement, i was devastated. Devastated beyond repair.

I originally thought na wala na akong pag asa. I felt like a robot. I was doing the things i need to do. I need to study for my parents, and i bully Jamie because that's the only way i found consolation for what her sister did to me. Yeah, i've been a good girl gone bad. I already accepted that. Sanay na ako eh. What did i do for these to happen to me? Laging kong tanong sa sarili ko dati. Ganun na ba kasamang maging masaya? Ang gusto ko lang naman ay sumaya pero parang ang hirap gawin. What the hell is wrong with me para lagi na lang akong lokohin? At first, si Jarred, then si Andy, tapos ngayon si Cyriel din? God! Am i not that worthy to be loved or is it that i am just too damn naive because i am always being played at?

I smiled to myself after reminiscing, 'i've really come too far.'

I arranged myself first then i went to the nearest convinience store to buy aspirin then i went to a cafe and ordered three shot espresso, just what i needed.

I sat there for quite some time. Medyo masama pa din yung pakiramdam ko kaya nandun muna ako. I don't want to hear my mom's sermon pag nakita niya yung itsura ko. My eyes look blood shot. I look like i cried the whole night. Yeah, i think i kinda did.

I feel horrible. Fcking horrible!

News flash: I just broke up with Andy during his birthday. During his birthday. And i just realized it after i said the word i can't do this anymore.

Looks like i really lived up to my title, i really am a bad girl.

I checked my phone after drinking my coffee.

20 messages.

30 missed calls.

I immediately opened the messages. Most of it came from Sara.

From: BestySara

Where are you, Dana???? Aalis na si Andy ngayon papuntang States!! Hindi ka man lang ba magpapakita??

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