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❝ Where's Georgie...? ❞

❝ ... I'm so so sorry. ❞

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October 1988

  "Welcome to your life..." a soft voice whispered, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, as her body slowly began to sway to the distracting vocals of Tears for Fears playing from her cassette-player.

  Lips pursed into a small smile, big brown eyes gazed devotedly to the worn book grasped in her delicate hands, the cover all in tatters and the print faded from years of extreme use.

  Her fingers skimmed the fragile spine, gently opening it to the last page she had last read, "Hmm... now what was that line, again? I've read this a thousand times, yet I still can't seem to get it right..." an index finger stroked the page, "Okay, Selene, let's try this one more time..." the young girl muttered to herself.

  The distant sound of music soon growing distant, eventually fading into the background behind her. She took a deep breath and stood in front of her poorly lit mirror.

  Her eyebrows furrowed downward, thoughts of sadness surfacing, as tears began to pool from her bright eyes, her bottom lip trembling, "I... I hope she'll be a fool." she exhaled shakily, the tearful lump in her throat evident, "-- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." eyes fluttering closed, a rebellious tear straying down the soft rosy texture of her cheek, before dribbling off her chin.

  Silence was what greeted her, until her ears picked up the familiar clapping of tiny hands interrupting her dramatic performance. Smiling at her adorable audience, she gave a deep bow, chanting, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are all so wonderful!" grasping at the imaginary roses that were thrown at her.

  Placing the book on her desk, now forgotten, the girl strode forward and swiftly picked up the squealing little boy, his mouth stretched into a wide grin that spread from ear to ear.

  "S-Selene!" he giggled in her arms. She ignored his laughing cries, pressing loud kisses to his curly brown locks. He soon began squirming, desperately trying to tickle her in vengeance, but, Selene knew her little brother all too well.

  Deciding he eventually had enough, she lowered him carefully onto her white carpeted floor.

  Kneeling towards him, Selene feigned heavy exhaustion, wiping off the imaginary sweat from her forehead. "Phew, Tone-Tone, have you been eating your vegetables lately? I swore, I was lifting up the Incredible Hulk back there!"

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