Chapter 14

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Warning : some nasty shit lol.

The next morning tiffany wakes up grabbing her a short black dress with black underwear and some black socks then grabs her a towel as she walks off to the bathroom and washes up. She gets out and dries off only wrapping the towel around her as she grabs her outfit and walks to her room closing and locking the door behind her as she puts the outfit on her bed when the towel gets snatched off of her.

"I like you naked" Matt throws the towel on the floor. "Let me get dressed" she covers her boobs with her arm. "Nothing I haven't seen before" he smirks as he grips her wrist pulling her closer.

"I just have to get another taste of you" he kisses her picking her up by her legs carrying her over to the bed and lays her down as he gets on top of her then starts kissing down her body.

She moans as she spreads her legs and Matt kisses her inner thigh. He runs his tongue across her clit once then comes back up to her face kissing her.

"Don't tease me like that" she tries to stand but he flips her over so she's on top of him while still kissing her. He grabs under her legs pushing her up some more as he lowers his head so she's sitting on his face.

He starts to slide his tongue over her clit and suck on it as she closes her eyes and throws her head back. He spreads her legs a little more as he sticks his tongue in and out of her. With one hand he spreads her pussy with 2 fingers and with his other hand he rubs her clit while still running his tongue over her pussy as she moans.

"Oh fuck..." she moves back and forth as she can feel her orgasm building up as he speeds up. A few seconds later she grips the sheets as she drips cum in his mouth and he licks his lips. She hops off of him as she stands and starts to get dressed.

"When are we gonna tell Anthony about us?" She puts her hair into a ponytail. "Tell my best friend I've been doing nasty things with his little sister for about 2 weeks now?" He sits up with a concerned look.

"Well don't say it like that, maybe he won't get mad" she walks over to him sitting on top of him as he leans his back against the wall. "Just give me some time and I promise I'll tell him" he kisses her "but change this outfit, we got some people coming over today and I don't want any body eyes on you" he grabs her ass.

"It's just a dress" she grabs around his neck.

"A very short dress, put a longer one on" he removes her from on top of him.

"Ew no" she stands as she laughs.

"Tiffany, if I have to beat someone up for looking at you then it's your fault" he unlocks the door then shoots her one more look then walks out.

Tiffany grabs her some black fishnets putting them under the dress then grabs her phone and walks downstairs.

"Of course Anthony isn't here" she walks into the kitchen grabbing her a Pepsi from the fridge. "He went to go pick up some people" Matt walks into the kitchen as tiffany hops on the counter and pops open her soda and drinks it.

He comes between her legs and rests his hands on the counter as he kisses her. "I sure hope drew comes, he's hot" she says with a smirk.

"Keep playing with me" he wraps his hand around her neck. "Ooh, maybe he can do that to me while he fucks me, hard" she sets her Pepsi down as she pushes him back and hops off the counter. He turns her around and bends her over the counter.

"Tiffany I'm not playing with you, the only one who can do that to you is me" he lift her dress as he slaps her ass when the front door opens and Tiffany jumps pulling her dress down and Matt moves back.

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