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Sacha takes James to a small restaurant. James looks at her and watches as she takes the lead and asks a waitor for a table for two.

Someone who leads, James needs a girl like that. The waitor takes them to a table, not lose to the window but at least they have a candle and some plant to stare at if things become awkward.

James decides to be a gentle man, he takes a chair, moves it backwards so Sacha could sit but...... Sacha didn't get his messenge and sits down on the other chair. Pretending like nothing went wrong James sits down and mumbles something to himself about how stupid he really is.

The waitor hands them the menu, James scans over the pictures near the names for the food, there is a lot of meat-themed-foods which is good for him. He tries to figure out names in the written work but his eyes don't work along. "Sach....." James starts.

"You can't read the words right?" Sacha asks.

James sighs "Indeed...."

Sacha smiles but hid her face behind the menu. "There is a lot of meat." she reasures him. as she starts reading up everything.

James stares at the menu, acting like he reads along but in fact he has no clue what's she's reading up. When she finishes he asks "Wjat do you take?" He asks.

"The apple pancake." she says softly. "You?"

"....Schnitzel with muchroom sausage."

Sacha nods, they place the menu down and wait till the waitor appears.

"Could you made a choice?" He asks.

He two nod. "An Apple Pancake and some water please." sacha asks.

"A schnitzel with muchroom sausage and .... applejuise." James asks

On both options the waitor nods, writes down and leaves.

Awkward, James stares at Sacha, his cheeks are red burned, this is their first date... he needs to make a good impression otjerwise they could never be lovers and live in a house, having kids and a goldfish. He needs to make a good impression.

"James. Breathe." Sacha says as she realized James didn't inhale for maybe minute.

Frozen, James sstared lost in the thoughts of the future when he suddenly gasps for air, he forgot to breathe.... People all over the restaurant turn their heads and stare at him.

James' face becomes tomato red as he awkward starts playing with his fingers.

Sacha giggles softly, thinking his nerves and shame are such cute things.

The waitor serves the food.

Nervously James figures out how to hold andnuse the knife and fork, eating his schnitzel as his eyes stare at Sacha.

"Stop staring... You can't even see me clear." Sacha says.

"Can.. we have another date when I get the glasses?" James carefully asks, he hates the glasses but yet he wants to see Sacha and have a future life with her.

She nods, continueing to eat her pancake.

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