Chapter 69

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The black diamond credit card appeared more often in extravagant shops.

Diamond ring, luxurious sports car... It could even be used for buying private planes and manor.

The pharmacy store manager had never seen one until now.

Cold sweat appeared at the palm of his hand as he held the delicate black diamond card. He was a bit worried of whether the card would approve the transaction.

It was rather strange that the second young master ordered the store management to obstruct against lady Qi Qi. Yet for some reason, he was quite fond of Gu Qi Qi's method of provocation against that rude and unreasonable Miss Xue Xue. So much so that he couldn't help but wish to personally kick her ass.

Not just the store manager, the upper class women who were speculating the auction also had the same exact thought.

They were all admired by Gu Qi Qi's tranquil and calm attitude, especially in combination of her craftiness and quick-wittedness.

As for that Miss Xue Xue......

In comparison, she was practically equivalent to a pig.

The little dirty turtle uttered in a pleasant surprise: "Master, what did you just do?"


"I felt the lust point is on the rise! One hundred, two hundred, five is even faster than saving lives."

"Or perhaps......someone is being angry or unperturbed."

Negative emotion is still an emotion.

In comparison to goodwill or gratitude, it could even be an intensive emotion.

"Correction master. It's not just the negative emotion of resentment. It even included the emotion of admiration!"

"Oh?" Gu Qi Qi was a bit surprised by this.

"You're incredible master! Harvesting such an amount of lust point from an auction, darling is very impressed!"

Gu Qi Qi frowned slightly.

Is this an encouragement for her to keep face slapping as much as she desires?

A string of cold gasps could be heard from her ear:

"Heaven sake! The credit card transaction actually went through!"

"Twenty-Five million, this lady must be a low profile rich person! Why does that card seem so familiar? Could it be the legendary black diamond credit card......"

"There's a saying that we should never freely wrong others at all corners of the country. Even a sage presents as an ordinary person......"

The store manager excitedly returned the card with both hands back to Gu Qi Qi.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qi Qi merely beckoned: "How much five year aged donkey hide gelatin still in store stock?"

"Six catty worth remaining!"

"I will take all of them!" Gu Qi Qi looked around with a smile." Anyone else still interested in bidding against me?"

Naturally, everyone shook their head vigorously.

Who would dare to compete against her?

The store manager promptly packaged the remaining six boxes of donkey hide gelatin in fine wrapping. Since no one would bid against the price, they were all sold according to the original price of five thousand each to Gu Qi Qi's card.

With a purchase of up to twenty five million, this young lady from now on would be their most respected VIP customer.

Gu Qi Qi's line of sight finally set on Gu Xue Xue's distorted face.

Her lips softly opened: "You lose."

Gu Xue Xue had spend her money buying a large quantity of inferior donkey hide gelatin, even maxing out her credit card just to barely bid for two boxes of five year aged donkey hide gelatin.

Yet Gu Qi Qi managed to obtain seven boxes of them.

Isn't it clearly obvious to who the winner or loser is?

When Gu Xue Xue heard of the word lose, her facial complexion became colorful.

She practically drank a mix of seasoning bottles as her face started to turn into a marvelous coloring display of sweet, sour, red, orange, yellow, and green!

Yet she refused to admit the end result of her being crushed by Gu Qi Qi's strength.

She certainly could not imagine that rotten black card could swipe for such a sky-high value!

As her rationality was fully engulfed with anger.

She opened her mouth and cursed out loud: "You bookworm, where did you obtain the dirty money from? Did you sell yourself to some rich old man——"


A sharp and clear slap blocked Gu Xue Xue's verbal abuse.

Gu Qi Qi took out a disinfect napkin from her pocket and wiped her hand with it. Then she indifferently said: "The first thing you should do now is head to the nearest washroom."

Gu Xue Xue was stunned by the ruthless slap: "For......for what?"

"To take a proper appraisal of yourself in the mirror." Gu Qi Qi tossed the disinfect napkin at her face.

Why don't you take a proper appraisal of yourself in the mirror."

Gu Xue Xue's swollen cheek redden even further.

She abruptly remembered that she was boasting to Gu Qi Qi several minutes ago: " You still dare to compete with me? Why don't you take a proper appraisal of yourself in the mirror!"

At that time, she would never expect that Gu Qi Qi would possess such wealth in her hand.

And now, Gu Qi Qi was using her own words to silence her.

Gu Xue Xue nearly choked her own breath.

She didn't expect that she would respond in such a vicious manner.

Gu Qi Qi received the black diamond card and added another sentence of words: "Oh that's right, be sure to remember to use the toilet bowl water to flush your smelly mouth."

1. [In the raw, he literally wants to give her an explosive kick to her ass. Al was unsure how to word/ imagine an explosive kick, so opted for a milder interpretation.]

2. [Fun side note: The black diamond credit card actually exists in real life. The American Express Centurion, or so called the Black Card, is actually a special kind of credit card/ service reserved for the privileges. For the curious ones, you can visit the for more info.]

3. [Even a sage presents as an ordinary person (真人不露相) is an idiom that has multiple meanings. First, it is kinda like a reminder that one shouldn't judge others by their appearance/ first impression. For instance, someone dressed as a shady/ poor clothing could be someone with great wisdom. The second alternative meaning could also mean that someone may not look or act competent, but he/she could extremely competent otherwise. The third alternative meaning, someone who is wise/ competent don't go around showing off/ bragging about it. As such, it is similar reminder that appearance does not always reflect their true characteristic.]

4. [This whole line is kinda all over the place in the raw, somewhat hard for Al to interpret it. Just basically imagine a cartoon villain in Bugs Bunny show, whose face is turning all colorful after eating a sabotaged food... ]

5. [As mentioned in the footnote from Chapter 67, "to take a proper appraisal of yourself in the mirror" is the direct interpretation of the "You still dare to compete with me? Why don't you scatter urine in the mirror!". Therefore, this is the reason why MC returned the insult to Xue Xue with washroom remark.]

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