Chapter 68

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Once Gu Qi Qi received the confirmation reply from the little dirty turtle.

She then spoke in a different tone: "Let's continue."

Gu Xue Xue's facial complexion stiffened: "But I already won!"

Gu Qi Qi casually tapped Gong Jue's black diamond card against the countertop: "It seems like you can only afford one catty worth of good, yet I was going to purchase much more than that......"

She really deserved to be beaten for that indifferent tone of hers.

Boiling with rage, Gu Xue Xue took a deep breath: "You want to keep competing?"

"If you don't have the qualification, there's no need for you to participate."

"You should be clearly aware by now that you can't afford anything!"

Gu Xue Xue still hadn't forgotten Gu Qi Qi's helpless reaction to the two hundred thousand bid.

Perhaps the bookworm was acting aggressively as a deliberate effort to intimidate her, so that she could help herself to the remaining donkey hide gelatin.

Humph, that's not going to happen on her watch!

Gu Xue Xue's neck tighten resolutely: "If you want to keep competing, then let us continue!"

In the very next second, Gu Qi Qi immediately yelled out the starting bid: "Two hundred thousand."

Now that the situation had reached to this stage, she was a bit curious to how much money was in the possession of Gu Xue Xue, Gu Mei Feng, and Gu Qiu Shan.

The Gu household had plenty of money for Gu Xue Xue to squander with, yet didn't have any for her brother's treatment?

It truly gave a bitter chill in people's taste!

When Gu Xue Xue heard of the starting bid amount, the pupil of her eyes nearly exploded.

She was even more certain that Gu Qi Qi didn't have any money, and that she was only seeking to impress others by feigning her ability.

"Humph, five hundred thousand!"

"Eight hundred thousand!"

"One million!"

The moment when Gu Xue Xue yelled out that bid, her mind went blank in an instant.

She immediately realized that she had overreacted by overbidding.

However, that bookworm would definitely keep bidding. When that happened, she would cease her bidding......hohoho......

That's not a terrible idea.

Unfortunately for her, Gu Qi Qi had stopped her bidding earlier than what she anticipated.

"How regretful, it seems that I have no other choice but to let you have it."

Gu Qi Qi looked at her with a fake smile.

She really wanted to beat that facial expression of hers!

When Gu Xue Xue swiped her card, her heart was no longer just bleeding a little. Rather she was throwing up blood in a mouthful.

After seeing Gu Qi Qi's expression, Gu Xue Xue's heart was engulfed with intense hatred. So much so that her fury rushed forth as she took the initiative to blurt out: "If you still have the ability, then let's bid for the next one!"

What's the point of her wasting so much money, yet Gu Qi Qi still haven't spend a single dime in this?

"Very well." Gu Qi Qi calmly nodded.

This time, the action bid quickly raised to one million.

Gu Xue Xue was planning to stop the bid in order for Gu Qi Qi to taste defeat, yet when she saw the appearance of Gu Qi Qi's winning determination, she couldn't help but scrambled her over the bidding.

"Twenty five million!"

When Gu Xue Xue shouted out the bidding price, she was fully entrenched in the auction.

She didn't anticipate that Gu Qi Qi would stopped again.

F***, she fell for it again!

Gu Xue Xue clenched her fists as her face started to distort somewhat.

"Miss Xue Xue, your credit card transaction had been denied. It seems that you have zero balance left."

The credit card had been maxed out!

In an instant, the store manager's reminder had shattered her thin face into pieces!

A sound of hush hush could be heard from behind her back.

It seem that someone had finally recognized her:

"Heaven sake, she seem to be Gu Mei Feng's daughter!"

"Wasn't Gu Qiu Shan under arrest? Her uncle was sent to jail, yet she still has the leisure to squander money?"

"Wasting over one million, such a brainless fool......"

Gu Xue Xue, who was being jabbed by the spectators' comments, felt the pain as if ants were biting her over her body.

Anger! Frustration! Embarrassment!

She was literally drowning in an ocean filled with negative emotion.

She slapped the counter top with force: "Don't make me laugh, you think you can actually afford them as well?"

"Sorry for the inconvenience, but who said I can't actually afford them."

She handed the black diamond card to the storage manager: "Twenty five million, thank you very much!"

In truth, she was uncertain of whether the impotent man's card had enough money for the transaction.

Since she would be repaying to him anyway, why not give it a try now?

1. [Seeking to impress others by feigning her ability (打腫臉充胖子) is an idiom, which can be literally translated as swelling one's face by slapping it to look imposing. In other words, imagine someone trying to intimidate others by hitting himself, so that his face would be bloodied/ scary looking.]

2. [In the raw, the line actually used the idiom 'like a smile yet not a smile' (似笑非笑). Basically a fancier way of saying a fake smile. For the sake of simplicity/ flow, I used 'fake smile' instead of the full idiom.]

3. [TL Note: Figuratively. Though I am sure most readers would wish it could be a literal occurrence. ]

4. [The third phrase in the line is actually an idiom "ashamed and unable to show one's face" (無地自容). I opted for embarrassment, simply to maintain the consistency of the sentence. Interesting part about this line, ashamed and unable to show one's face was the third and last item in the list. Since preservation of "face" is an important value in Asian culture, it can be interpreted that the humiliation, not money wasting is the most devastating price of her defeat.]

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