Chapter 60

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Now that Gu Qi Qi understood the cause and effects, she could feel the chillness seeping through her spine.

She previously knew that Gu Xue Xue and her mother had sinister hearts, but now she was fully aware of how vicious their methods truly were.

Their motive of killing she and her younger brother was for the evil intention of seizing her mother's remnants. The plan did not begin on the day when her college entrance exam preference was altered.

Rather it began much earlier.

It started on that day when her mother passed away in an accident.

A elaborat plot that took dozen of years in the making!

Her fist gripped tightly.

Gu Qi Qi took a deep breath of air, then spoke to the little dark brown colored turtle necklace. Her state of mind was still recovering from the shocking revelation: "Do you remember my mother then?"

The little turtle shook its head: "I don't remember. I was awakened when your blood spilled onto my body at the moment of your death. I only recognize my master by blood, so darling could only recognize you as the master......"

That's right, she knew from the beginning that her blood stood out from the masses.

Gu Qi Qi twitched her lips: "Therefore, it was all thanks to you that I was able to reborn?"

"No no no, I am the one who should be thanking you, master. We were both reborn together so that we have the new opportunity to collect emotion for lust point and earn lots of money money money, isn't that right?"

This little turtle was truly a little money grubber!

"Very well, how are we going to earn money? The so called lust points that you mentioned, what's its usefulness?"

Gu Qi Qi was led astray by the little turtle when she directly said 'lust point' instead of energy point.

The little turtle nodded its head and wagged its tail, as its four adorable claws leaned on Gu Qi Qi's collarbone. Then it excitedly said:

"Lust point is extremely useful! It's essentially omnipotent!"

"Master, do you see the tortoise shell on my back, that's actually a treasure space. With sufficient lust points, you can unlock special skills that were concealed inside shell."

"For instance, medical expertise, martial art, gambling technique, jewel appraisal, Pharmaceuticals techniques......"

"All the mentioned special skills are super awesome and super profitable! Just imagine yourself as a god doctor , martial master, gambling master, medicine master......doesn't it sound awesome?"

"That's right. If master wants to be a big celebrity, you can raise performance skills and cosmetic skill. By then the money won't be be rolling in as a money, but practically like a money printer haha......"

Big celebrity?

She's not interested in that.

Her only desires were to dedicate herself on improving her medical expertise, so that she can cure her younger brother's illness. At the same time, she would like to destroy the Gu household along the way and take back the remnants that belonged to her mother.

"In other words, I had to collect intense human emotion to earn lust point?"

"That's right, you are very bright master. You learn very quickly." The little turtle is a boot licker, "for instance, the last time you saved that beautiful sick man, you had earned one thousand lust point in an instant!"

"How much lust point will it take to unlock special skill?"

"It costs one hundred thousand lust point to unlock the entrance level."

Gu Qi Qi: "......"

Therefore, she could only earn that much just from saving one hundred lives of important individuals? And that's just for the entrance level requirement?

What a scam!

Is the little turtle really toying with her?

"No no. Darling is truly being sincere, master! The reason for the slow earning rate is because you didn't deliberately collect them at first. If you wish, you can perform a tongue kiss with that chief. He's a man with ultra 'vitality, I reckon that you could earn at least ten thousand lust points just by kissing him once. Thus, it shouldn't be difficult to unlock all the special skills to its pinnacle levels if both of you kissed dozen times a day right?"

"Shut up!"

Gu Qi Qi's cheeks flushed red.

Using such scoundrel manner to earn lust point?

Isn't that the same as she being a flower thief then?

Such a lack of moral integrity.

"Hold on, darling made a mistake. A tongue kiss was rather an intensive act, your lips would become sore if you kissed him like that for dozen times a day...... once a day should be fine......erm master, why are you pinching darling's tail? It hurts wah!"

The face of Gu Qi Qi flushed even redder. Yet a scene inexplicably appeared in her mind, in which Gong Jue was looking resentful as his red and swollen lips was being ravaged by her.

While it appeared to be very absurd, yet for some reason it seem to be funny.

1. [In this context, flower thief figuratively means rapist.]

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