Chapter 55

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As Gu Qi Qi looked at the appearance of Gong Jue who had collapsed onto her, her heart skipped several beats in upheaval.

She absolutely would not admit that she was being concerned with the impotent man.


He's too heavy.

The collapsed man caused her body to fall backward, her delicate back was pressed against the car seat.

The most miserable thing of all was that his steel-like chest was pressing in between her pair of steamed stuffed buns.

"Oh, would they be squeezed into poach eggs? The touch sensation and taste would be no good afterward......" The tiny voice from her mind was holding back its laughter.

"Shut up!" Gu Qi Qi said angrily.

However, those words were in fact correct. She was literally being crushed flat.

Until Adjutant panicky rushed over and helped her by supporting Gong Jue's body upright.

"I am sorry lady Qi Qi. The chief didn't eat something wrong...... he was actually touched by woman.

"Woman? Me?" This is beyond touching with each other, he squeezed her steam stuffed buns into inimaginable shape.

"No no no, I think it was that wretched girl who kept pestering for toast was responsible for this."

"Gu Xue Xue......?"

Gu Qi Qi's mind recalled the scene that had occurred back then.

That's right, Gu Xue Xue's hand did touch Gong Jue's arm.


Herself also had touched Gong Jue. In addition to touching his arm, she even touched his little brother, though it was done so while wearing disinfect gloves.

They had further interacted with each other morning and night from the last couple days, especially during their mutual verbal attacks.

So much so that she served a dish for him, and he tasted her saliva!

Why didn't the allergy outbreak occur at those times?

Could it be that she's not a woman?

Gi Qi Qi suspiciously looked on as her squished bosoms were restoring back to its original state, big steamed stuffed buns now full of vitality.

"Lady Qi Qi, I have to find a doctor for chief's medical treatment. Please return back to the bedroom and get some rest!" Adjutant with a grave expression spoke, as he carried Gong Jue on his back to the floor upstairs.

While Adjutant was arranging for Gong Jue's medical emergency inside the army specialist medical room.

Gu Qi Qi had to return back to the bedroom by herself.

Closing the door.

The pitch-black bedroom was extremely quiet.

She had broken away Gong Jue's control and oppression. Originally, she should feel a sense of freedom and joy, so much so that she would plot her escape plan once again.

Yet why did her whole body feel very heavy and powerless?

She slowly took out her cellphone and gave a call to Xiao Ning, but the call receiver seem to be busy.

She wished to give a call to the nursery home to inquire about her little brother's condition, but it was late at night. She didn't want to cause inconvenience for others.

In the end, she put away her cellphone while leaning back against the door. Her ill at ease mind was lost in thoughts.

The tiny voice in her mind suddenly voice out: "You can actually save him."

"How do I save him?"

"That's very simple, just give him a tongue kiss."

"I don't have time for your boring joke." Gu Qi Qi unpleasantly said.

"It's true, what I said is true! Little cutie would never deceive you......"

"Oh? You deceived that I would be able to earn lots and lots of money, have you forgotten about that?"

"That's a truth, all you have to do is collect......"


"Gu Qi Qi felt that tiny voice from her mind was trying to trick her.

A kiss that can save others?

Stop playing around.

Not to mention about Gong Jue's allergic reaction of touching woman. From her past life of working in the hospital for ten years, it is something that has yet to be seen and heard of.

From a medical perspective, there is no scientific basis that a kiss could cure illness.

On the contrary, contacting with virus has the likelihood of virus transmission.

As Gu Qi Qi licked her lips.

A scene of herself tongue kissing with Gong Jue suddenly flashed in her mind.


She fiercely flung back and forth her head in order to shatter that terrifying image scene from her mind.

Then she wrapped herself around with bed sheet, as she repeatedly kneaded the hair top with all her might.

A tongue kiss with him? So be it!

Late midnight.

It seem like a helicopter had landed on the training ground. *SFX roaring chopper blade*

A series of footstep sounds could be heard from the hallway corridor.

The moment when dawn light shined.

Gi Qi Qi emerged from the bedroom.

"I am thirsty. I am just going to get water for myself to drink."

"Human without water will perish. Woman without water will become ugly."

"That's right, I am only going to search for water to drink."

She was mumbling to herself, as if she was to persuade something to herself.

However, her footsteps weren't leading to the kitchen for drinking water.

Instead, she seem to be involuntarily striding toward the medical room where Gong Jue was staying at.

1. [Yes, the author does use pair of steamed stuffed buns (一對包子) in the raw. Al is not crazy/making this up. Interestingly, creative censoring (that's what I like to call them) is actually very common in Chinese web novels, mainly because of censorship in media sources is extremely strict in China. So I decided to be faithful to author by following the translation precisely, simply because it was amusing. Otherwise, if some readers doesn't like creative censoring in translation, just go ahead and replace "pair of steamed stuffed buns" with words such as bosoms, breasts, boobs, and etc.]

3. [An actual serious footnote this time (and an example of Al's translation style). In the raw, the line was actually best translated as "Go to his tongue and kiss" (去他的舌she吻!). However, this doesn't make much sense/ flow very well. Instead, I used a completely different line "A tongue kiss with him? So be it". Even though the lines are drastically different than the raw, the rational thinking behind this interpretation/ translation was this:

Qi Qi was told that she can save him by kissing, but she's obviously in conflict with herself about it (the ridiculous nature of life saving kiss and her feeling for Gong Jue that she still won't admit). When I was reading the line in context, it gave me the impression that she was making a resolute decision / choice to perform a tongue kiss (For his sake, I have to perform a kiss tongue, even though it will be extremely embarrassing and awkward afterward).

There's probably better choice of words for this line, but this is pretty much the best I could think of. One of the things I have learned as translator, sometimes you have to sacrifice literal accuracy for the sake of preserving word flow and context interpretation. ]

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