Chapter 51

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When Gong Jue saw the look of Gu Qi Qi who was fuming with rage and gritted teeth, he was indescribably in a great mood.

The moment when she became angry and helpless, she looked like a wild cat that was about to explode!

His lips tilted upward!

Gu Xue Xue who stood aside was stunned by this scene.

Heaven sake, there's actually a good looking man in the existence of this world?

A dauntless body filled with vigor, emitting a grim and ruthless overbearing pressure. No ordinary living person could approach this formidable aura. Yet when the corner of his mouth smiled, it released a sexy rapture capable of turning the crowd upside down!

This man most definitely has an extraordinary status.

Look, he is allowing her to stay and even smiling toward her. She couldn't help but suddenly feel a bit shy.

Perhaps he noticed her sorrow and lovely appearance, and that his heart took pity of her?

When the naval commander was about to oust herself and her mother, this powerful man without explanation urged them to stay!

Gu Xue Xue's heart had smitten to the point that it almost melted away.

Looking at Gu Qi QI who sat beside that man with a scowling face, it felt unpleasant to her eyes.

Hmph, that bookworm waste dared to sit right beside the esteemed godly man?

Gu Xue Xue clenched her fists.

Once Gong Jue gave the order of allowing them to stay, the naval commander and his wife naturally compiled by not ousting them any further.

The servants took the cue and immediately brought extra chairs for the two newcomers.

Gu Mei Feng was startled by the sudden change of event.

When she saw Gong Jue and Gu Qi Qi were sitting together, her heart wouldn't stop beating.

This man absolutely cannot be trifled with!

She remembered the day when Gong Jue said that Gu Qi Qi was detained as a criminal, yet why did this military boss brought the female prisoner to the banquet tonight?

Could it be that little slut Gu Qi Qi slept with this man?

Gu Mei Feng's sharp and sinister eyes sweeped Gu Qi Qi's body. She noticed that she was only wearing a normal school uniform instead of an evening dress.

Her heart rejoiced: It is certain that this slut didn't manage to charmed this man yet. Otherwise, this kind of esteem man would have bought new clothes for her.

Hoho, could she be treated like a fresh "child prostitute" for playing?

Gu Mei Feng were no longer afraid of consequences once she had confirmed Gu Qi Qi's "child prostitute" status.

"Gu Qi Qi you wretch, you had the carefree leisure time to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor, don't you realized that your father had been......"

Before she even finished her insult, Gong Jue coldly glared at her.

Gu Mei Feng almost choked herself.

Oh right, how could she be so foolish. Since Gu Qi Qi was treated nothing more than a "child prostitute", she belonged exclusively to this man's plaything. Abusing her verbally would only incur this man's wraith, so why is there a need to do more than required?

Gu Mei Feng gave a forced laugh, then turned her head and continued to persuade the couple relentlessly: "Commander, madam. Please take pity on Gu Qiu Shan . If you intervene and save him, I assure you that the Gu household would be deeply grateful to offer one's life in sacrifice to......"

Meanwhile, Gu Xue Xue licked her lips as her pair of peach-like eyes fixated on Gong Jue's body.

She really wish to possess this man!

How is she going to kick Gu Qi Qi from the godlike man's herself?

"Xue Xue, why are you staring blankly for? Quickly plead to uncle and aunts."

Gu Mei Feng's reminder had suddenly enlightened Gu Xue Xue.

As if she really cared about Gu Qiu Shan's fate, all she cared about is her own love affair.

Looking at Gong Jue who was coldly sitting with his proud and aloof chin raised, she noticed that there's not a single dish on his plate.

That foolish Gu Qi Qi.

She does not deserve this man!

Gu Xue Xue rejoiced in her thought. She reached out and swiftly picked up a slice of goose with her chopsticks, then bashfully stood up and placed it on Gong Jue's plate while in direct front view of Gu Qi Qi.

The body movement range was so extensive, that half of Gu Xue Xue's body was leaning over the dinning table.

Her neckline was open that half of the bosom was revealed.

As if someone had sprayed hot spice into her eyes, Gu Qi Qi was disgusted by this scene.

"Esteem gentleman, the goose liver is best for your body. If swallow's nest is like a scared food for women, then goose is a sacred food for men as well. Do you want to give it a taste?

Gu Xue Xue said with delicately pretty tone.

1. [To eat delicious food and drink hard liquor(吃香喝辣) is an idiom/ old fashion way of describing someone living well/eating well.]

2. [In this context, the aunt and uncle are polite forms of addressing someone (non-biological related) that is older than one's father and mother in Chinese culture. It can also be used to address sibling of one's parent, but this is definitely not the case here.]

3. [TL's comment: No poaching.]

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