Chapter 49

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A dark dense cloud was covering Gong Jue's face.

This stupid woman's private life is an absolute mayhem!

She not only escaped with a wild man without saying anything, but also carried pregnancy test stick around with her. Many wild men's phone numbers were even stored in her cell phone——Also why is this particular one named little gentleman?

"Just by looking at his name, he must be a sissy!" Gong Jue snorted disdainfully.

Stupid woman and her rotten taste in man.

"Why are you prying my cell phone for?" Gu Qi Qi's alerted voice could be heard.

Gong Jue's slender fingers rapidly rummaged through the cell phone command.

In an instant, "Little Gentleman Xiao Ning" was blocked.

While the number still existed in the contact list, the cell phone could no longer call to or receive from that number. This blacklist was quite formidable.

It's the most advanced black technology!

After Gu Qi Qi received her cell phone, she inspected it but didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Her big clear eyes blinked as she unhurriedly said: "I still need time to reconsider whether I am in the mood of coming with you to the banquet tonight......"

However, Gong Jue simply didn't give a damn with her reconsideration.

He directly ordered Adjutant: "Go and give her a set of evening dress. We will be departing in three minutes!"

Gu Qi Qi: "......"

Three minutes and three seconds later.

Gong Jue was sitting in the back seat of the military vehicle while waiting very impatiently!

When Gu Qi Qi finally pulled the car door open.

"You're late! One of the things I hate the most is when people show up late. Mark my word, you will pay for this——" Gong Jue's annoyed voice suddenly ceased.

He frowningly looked at Gu Qi Qi.

A petite and exquisite young lady, who was dressed in a brand new school uniform skirt, hopped on the car with a smirk on her face.

"Where's your evening dress?" A gloomy voice erupted.

"It doesn't fit!" Gu Qi Qi said in a just and forceful manner.

Gong Jue's eyebrows twisted as he gazed at Gu Qi Qi's neckline for a few seconds: "That's impossible, I measured it personally."

Gu Qi Qi with a glowing eyes couldn't help but laughed mockingly: "Then it's probably because your measurement is a little small."

Gong Jue: "......"

Why did he feel that there's some ambiguity behind that statement?

Even though Gong Jue really wanted to personally strip Gu Qi Qi's school uniform off, and switched it with an expensive evening dress that he specifically ordered someone to custom made for her.

But looking at Gu Qi Qi's fresh and pure appearance in a school uniform, he actually thought it looked ten thousand times better than the evening dress.

He must be blind.

"Get in the car!"


At a private villa.

Gu Qi Qi was looking at the host's welcome reception speechlessly.

At least 50 maids were respectfully standing in two rows at the front of the villa gate entrance. Over hundreds of awe inspiring uniform bodyguards were guarding the vicinity. Even the host couple themselves stood at the front door and bowed down in a welcoming gesture.

She did not anticipate that the impotent man would have such a big reputation.

Gu Qi Qi quickly glanced at the military medals decorated on the uniform of the male host, but she was unable to comprehend their significances. She wondered what is Gong Jue military position?

In the eyes of Gong Jue, this grand display was practically not worth mentioning to him.

If it weren't for the formality sake of appeasing his subordinate in Qingcheng, then he wouldn't even bother attending the banquet tonight at the first place.

As Gu Qi Qi was tugged out of the car by him, she didn't see the steps clearly. The moment just when she almost tripped herself, he swiftly held her waist steadily and scolded her with a sentence: "Where's your brain stupid woman? Were you born without eyes too?"

The male host was secretly amazed by this scene.

It was rumored that Gong Jue was not attracted to female charms, yet his current action now......

The domineering Gong Jue didn't spare a glance to even look at him, yet he paid full attention to this lady who stumbled over the steps.

He felt sick at heart!

Therefore at the dining table tonight, the male host wouldn't dare to provoke Gong Jue who was as cold as a chunk of ice. Instead, he was forced to save his nation in a twisted way by flattering Gu Qi Qi.

"Miss Qi Qi, may I ask what's your relation with our Gong Jue......"

Facing against the male host's gossiping question, Gu Qi Qi suddenly caused a small mischief as she answered with a smile: "He's my uncle, I am his little niece."

Gong Jue: "......"

F***, since when did I become as old as an uncle!

Just when he was about to refute, Gu Qi Qi's snowlike tender arms suddenly extended out and embraced onto his arm!

Gong Jue's body stiffened as if electric current directly struck into his brain. Then the shock spread to all his limbs and bones.

He was feeling terribly numb.

The stupid woman touched him once again!

Yet he's still fine from it.

2. [Save nation in a twisted way (曲線救國) is an idiom of trying to save yourself (or nation) in an indirect way. This saying was dated back during the Japanese invasion of China in World War II. China had to resolve in seeking assistance from foreign powers such as US and Soviet to save itself.]

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