Chapter 48

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That hated and reviled handsome face.

The man had a tired facial features, and his hair was slightly disarrayed. However, his pair of cold eyes were now closed. It lessened the level of grimness and brought extra level of noble grace.

The long and outstanding dense eyelashes casted a small sheet of shadow on his face. Truly damned good looking!

The most frightening of all was the man's well built body. It was unexpectedly......

Unexpectedly like a mega size cuddle toy from a shopping mall. The head involuntarily rubbed against her neck, leaning against her body at ease.

Gu Qi Qi gulped dryly.

The impotent man's half awaked appearance was heartbreakingly adorable!

If someone claimed that he's only a three years old, she would believe it!

She daringly extended out her tender finger, and she couldn't help but gently rubbed his eyelashes.

It felt ticklish to her fingertip.

His eyelashes were long, rough, and murky!

The sensation on her finger was exceptionally pleasant.

Gu Qi Qi couldn't help but rubbed the eyelashes once again.

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, a grim voice echoed in her ears.

A smear of bitter killing intent engulfed Gu Qi Qi's body!

Oh no, the impotent man had awakened!

Gu Qi Qi's finger froze in mid air.

Gong Jue scattered her finger away with a "Slap——" as he coldly glared at her.

"Stupid woman, you still dare to plot against me? Or are you seeking for more punishment?"

The half-awaked adorableness instantly turned into half-awaked grumpiness.

Gu QI Qi rubbed her sore finger as she glared back at him: "You're the one that is not letting me go. Please double check yourself."

Gong Jue looked down with a glance and saw his hand holding around her waist.

A fine and soft snowlike sight entered into his eyesight, robbing his soul.

Gong Jue's throat tightened.

He released his hand as he was touching something scorching hot.

His long legs kicked away the bed sheet as he stark nakedly rushed into the bathroom.

Gushing water noise could be heard.

Gu Qi Qi, who was knocked down onto the bed, couldn't restrain herself but sweared out loud: "F***!"

Was the domineering impotent man experiencing a mental breakdown? He's definitely crazy! Absolutely.

This drastic change of behavior was faster than flipping a book page.

The adorableness transforming into grimness with the span of seconds was beyond stunning. As if there was two completely different person.

Gu Qi Qi wrapped herself around with a bedsheet, as she attempted to slip away.

When she opened the door, Adjutant with an embarrassed old face was standing outside the door: "Lady Qi Qi, this school uniform......was personally remade for you."

Waa, this is too embarrassing!


Ever since Gu Qi Qi and Little Dumpling had escaped, the security in the barrack had tightened.

In the last couple days, Gu Qi Qi could not find any opportunity for escape.

Gong Jue had left the base for few days.

Gu Qi Qi was very anxious. She wanted to contact the nursery home in whether something had happened to his little brother. At the same time, she wanted to contact Xiao Ning about her concerning pregnancy matter.

However, all the personnel in the military obediently comply with Gong Jue's order. None of them dared to allow her to give a call.

A week had passed.

Gong Jue returned while covering in dust.

When he entered the door, he shouted out a cold command:

"Get dressed immediately! Come with me to the banquet!"

Gu Qi Qi was getting desperate.

But she knew that she cannot reveal her desperation to the the opposite party. Otherwise, the other party might seize the initiative.

Gu Qi Qi leisurely fiddled with her fingers as she examined her fingernails.

She casually said: " I am not going. returned my cell phone, then I will be happy to reconsider."

Gong Jue's facial complexion darkened.

This little idiot, why is she throwing a temperament like the Little Dumpling?

All just for the lousy cell phone?

"Adjutant, hand it over to me!" He coldly commanded.

Gu Qi Qi's thoughts were filled with delight.

Her face feigned as if it was not the least of her concern: "I only said I will reconsider, i didn't say for sure I will promise you."

Gong Jue coldly rolled his eyes and said: "I never said I will give it to you."

F***, you are very ruthless impotent man.

Gu Qi Qi's cheek spouted slightly while itching with hate.

Gong Jue took the cell phone and browse over the directory as he wishes.

If it wasn't for a certain important reason, then he wouldn't even bother attending the banquet tonight at the first place. Otherwise, this stupid woman wouldn't have the opportunity for negotiation.

The slender fingers unexpectedly paused.

Gong Jue's sharp eyesight stared at a name on the cell phone directory.

"Little gentleman Xiao Ning".

Gong Jue's complexion instantly turned as gloomy as a rainstorm.

1. [TL comment: I honestly cannot confirm whether "women into thick eyelashes" is a legit thing. I am too afraid to look it up, so don't ask me about it.]

2. [Covering in dust (風塵僕僕) is an idiom to describe someone that is travel worn. Not literally covered in dust.]

3. ["Old gentleman Xiao Ning" is a nickname. She's obviously not a male, but ML doesn't know that...]

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