Chapter 45

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"I didn't permit you to be at my side for 24 hours, just so that you can chat foolishly with another man. Return back to the bedroom now!"

Gong Jue beckoned with a cold face as he turned around and headed upstairs.

Chatting foolishly?

Aren't you the actual fool in here?

Gu Qi Qi gloomy pulled a hateful wry behind his back, after she turned her head and offered a sympathetic glance to Adjutant and the soldier. Then she quickly followed without delay.

As Gu Qi Qi stood before Gong Jue's bedroom doorway, her heart started to beat rapidly.

She had been already detained by Gong Jue for three times, yet this was the first night which she would spend the night together with him!

Could the impotent man all the sudden become potent?

He said that she had to serve him by his side......

Did this mean that she had to offer her body to his side too?

Was the sacrifice to regain her stuff becoming too great?

She took a deep breath as she determinedly opened the door.

*SFX for water noise*

Sound of water came from the washroom.

Gu Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

Tch, this man must have obsession with cleaningness. He keeps taking bath all day long.

She quickly pulled a bed sheet from the bed, then warped herself around tightly and lay down on the sofa chair beside the window.

Closing her eyes while pretending to sleep.

The water sound gradually stopped.

Wrapping his waist with only a white bath towel, a man with long legs strided out from the bathroom.

The strong and muscular body emitted rich masculine fragrance. The appearance of the narrow waist and wide shoulder figure could cause someone to lose one's heart.

Although Gu Qi Qi had closed her eyes, she could still smell the masculine scent.

She nervously held her breath as the man's odor gradually became closer.

Gong Jue arrived before the sofa as he overlooking down upon her.

Seeing a little woman who wrapped herself like a rice dumplings wrapped in leaves, the corner of Gong Jue's lips tilted indescribably.

A mischievous idea appeared in his mind.

He leaned forward and slowly approached the woman's lips with his lips still moisturized from the bath.

Ten centimeter......

Five centimeter......

One centimeter......

*SFX for heavy object falling*

Gu Qi Qi along with the bedshoot rolled down onto the ground.

It hurts!

How vulgar! This wretched domineering impotent man dared to steal her kiss.

Gu Qi Qi could only pretend to fall down to the ground with her head down, while she played dead on the floor carpet.

Gong Jue amusingly looked at her.

"Stupid woman. You didn't take bath yet you sleep like a silly deer.

A sentence of sneer splitted out from his lips softly, as Gong Jue reached out his hand and slapped her little buttocks.

Gu Qi Qi's buttocks tightened.

Damn it! Her lips might be saved, but her rear was exposed to danger!

While she regretted for the fall, a string of footstep noise sounded away from her. Then a sound of bed creaking noise could be heard.

Gong Jue didn't continue to tease her, rather he went to sleep on his bed.

Gu Qi QI was relieved. That's right, this domineering impotent man had an obsession with cleaningness. He originally disliked being touched by woman, and he mostly certainly wouldn't have any interest in woman that didn't take a bath. She was amazed by her great foresight.

Does this mean that she had to forbidden herself from taking a bath ever again?

A man's breathing sound echoed in the quiet room.

Gu Qi Qi's heart was beating rapidly.

How troublesome, why is this wretched man's breathing sound so exceptionally attractive?

After a long period of time.

She licked her lips as her beautiful black grape opened widely in a sudden.

She approached his bed quietly on tip toe.

The man seem to be sleeping very soundly. His long eyelashes did not move a single jot, and his chilly lips were smooth. Without the grim atmosphere during the time when he was awaken, the wretched man admittedly looked gentle and soft.

Honestly speaking, many woman would yearn for the dream opportunity to serve a sexy and influential man by his side.

At this moment, one of Gu Qi Qi's legs had already stepped over the bed while the other leg was prepped to press down the man's thigh. This posture looked like she was ready to pounce onto him.

Gu Qi Qi gulped.

Stop joking around. Could she, Gu Qi Qi, really be enticed by a man's beauty?

The purpose of pouncing him was only for——

1. [The translated word 'overlooked' actually has an idiom (居高臨下). A literal meaning is that someone is looking down because of height difference, but the other meaning is that someone looked down on someone because of social position difference. In this context, I think he is merely looking down in a non-ignorant manner.]

2. [Classic self delusion much?]

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