Chapter 44

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Fine fine fine. He is the overbearing one. Anything he said is right.

Her cellphone and herself had already been detained by him.

If that's the case, would he spare her if she played along and appeased him?

Gu Qi Qi was ready to give and take.

A smile appeared on her delicate face.

She stood up, took his bowl, then filled it with soup.

Afterward, she used his chopsticks and served the dishes on his plate.

Once she was finished, she asked smilingly: "is this fine for you?"

Gong Jue gazed at that tender fingers without a blink of an eye.

The fingers were silklike and lustfully alluring.

His throat gulped dryly

It turned out that this woman's lips are not only captivating, but also her fingers......

Merely thinking about the kind of things that tender fingers could do for him.......

"From now no, you must be at my side and serve me for 24 hours! This is for the sake of atoning for your crime!"

Gong Jue's throat coarsed.

As he grasped the soup bowl and drained it in one gulp. Then he placed it back heavily on the table.

Gu Qi Qi stared blankly.

What? Using her as a military personal servant?

Her hand clenched into a fist. Although her heart still refused to comply, but for the sake of regaining back her stuff and freedom, she must temporally endure it!

She pulled a harmonious fake smile, then with a nimbled hand gesture, she immediately refilled his soup bowl.

The silklike tenderly fingers once again flashed and danced in front of Gong Jue's eyes.

Gong Jue had already drank three bowl of soup in this meal, yet the fervent heat on his lower half was not close to be extinguished.

Whether it was caused by the soup or by some other reasons, he felt that his lower half swelled to the point of imminent explosion.

Enduring silently, he got up and rushed to the bathroom.

Cold shower!

He urgently needed the cold shower to extinguish the agitation.

Gu Qi Qi watched his figured from behind with an incomprehensible look. She pouted her lips, then she tidied up the utensils and headed to the kitchen.

Turning around abruptly, Little Dumpling ran down from upstairs while walking quietly on tiptoe.

Black grape eyes spinned around and around.

Hehe, there's nobody around!

Time to escape!

He ran past the table and grabbed the fruit dish along the way, then he ran outside.

A moment later, Gu Qi Qi came out from the kitchen and saw the table as empty as anything. Her eyebrow knitted: "Eh? Where's the fruit? Did a mouse took it? If that impotent man discovered that there's no fruit for him, would he used that as an excuse to accuse me for food pilfering?"

She gloomy took the fruit from the refrigerator and washed it once again.

However, she waited until dusk and Gong Jue still haven't come back.

Gu Qi Qi sat at the dining table staring blankly. She didn't want to return back to the bedroom in order to avoid in a close space with the impotent man.

Who knew what kind of things he will do.

Close to being bored to death, she observed the people coming through the place and the soldiers conducting drills on the training ground. She discovered a strange phenomenon.

All the military personnel serving Gong Jue are all male!

Including Adjutant, the messengers and janitors are all male!

It was bizarre that there's no female soldier in the army barrack.

"Xiao Sao Zi, you have returned?"

A simple and honest soldier passing by called her.

Gu Qi Qi stared blankly, then she remembered.

That's the soldier that she knocked out unconscious when she escaped for the first time.

"Cough cough cough......that incident in the past, I am sorry about that."

"No worries. I know you and him may be at odds with each other. I am telling you, Adjutant is a good person. He is similar to the chief in the sense that they never approach woman immorally. They are absolutely clean in body and mind!"

"Oh?" Gu Qi Qi realized that this soldier had misunderstood. She wanted to clarify him, but......

"You said your chief is absolutely clean? Hoho!"

From the phone conversation, she heard he was messing around with a woman, hmph.

"That's right. Our chief is a virgin, and Adjutant is also an old virgin. Therefore you should forgive him and give him a chance tonight. There's an old saying 'noisy front bedside and harmony back bedside'......Gah, Adjutant why did you hit me? I am just helping you!"

The soldier screeched in pain.

His head was agonizing from the blow.

He turned around and saw Adjutant glaring at him with a sorrowful face.

Behind Adjutant's back, it was their respected chief with a gloomy face.

The soldier was scared the piss out of him.

If he had known that the chief was listening, he wouldn't dare mention about the virgin matter?

"20 laps and 200 swats! You two are not allow to sleep until you are done!"

Gong Jue's chilly voice echoed.

He gave an unhappy look at the Adjutant: Xiao Sao Zi? Hm?

Turning his around and looking at Gi Qi Qi who had lost a small degree of complexion: "Why are you foolishly chatting with a man! Return back to the bedroom!"

GU Qi Qi felt she was unjustly ridiculed.

Return back to the bedroom? To do what?

1. [Ready to give and take (能屈能伸) is an idiom to describe someone adapting and enduring in all circumstances, even in dire/ miserable ones.]

2. [Walking quietly on tiptoe (躡手躡腳) is an idiom. While it can literally means he is walking stealthy/ quietly in tip toes, but it also means the person is acting sneaky/ surreptitious, or up to no good.]

3. [Xiao Sao Zi (小嫂子) is a name addressed to sister in law. Whether the soldier misunderstood Qi Qi as sister in law to Adjutant or chief (he didn't really specify in the raw), that's up to the readers to decide.]

4. [Noisy front bedside and harmony back bedside (床頭吵架床尾和) has two meanings. First meaning, noisy argument between spouses are health phenomenal/ key to a harmonious relationship, and that dispute would only last as short as between length of the bedside. The second meaning, couples may argue, but everything would always resolve harmoniously once they got into bed. After looking up the saying and re-reading the raw, both meaning/interpretation are viable in this context.]

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