Chapter 43

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Inside the study room.

"Huff Huff Huff!"

Little Dumpling, who was a three to four year old child wearing a set of delicate and adorable miniature suit, climbed up to the desk with his short hands and legs.

He earnestly tabbed the military documents which Gong Jue was currently reading.

"Daddy, you have said before that a man should always speak and keep his promise. Isn't that right?"

Gong Jue responded with an equally earnest tone: "Who did you learn to speak in such ill roundabout manner? If you want to say something, just say it out straightforwardly!"

Little Dumpling curled his lips: "I see, it seems that you are unable to comprehend the roundabout speech with your intelligence. Looks like I need to accommodate for you instead."

Gong Jue: "......"

Is this little brat really just three to four years old?

Little Dumpling earnestly asked once again: "What's the name of my big sister nurse? Have you investigated it yet?"

Gong Jue's eyebrows wrinkled: "What big sister?"

Little Dumpling became anxious: "I knew you are incompetent in handling this matter! I route to handle it myself......."

Gong Jue's eyebrows wrinkled even more tightly, then he finally remembered: "Enough with your troublesome act! It had been investigated three days ago, there is no such person found in the surveillance."

Leaving aside the person that Little Dumpling was searching for, even he couldn't find the woman that he's looking for too!

This rural place is truly a chaotic mess.

Fortunately, he managed to track down and detain Gu Qi Qi. Otherwise he would seriously flatten that rotten hospital in order to appease his fury.

That's not right. Ever since that stupid woman arrived at his side, his number of agitation has been significantly increased.

Little Dumpling annoyingly glared at Gong Jue, then he turned around and left.

Smelly daddy was so absent minded, that he simply didn't listen properly to him. Adults are such untrustworthy bunch.

"Where are you going?" Gong Jue grasped Little Dumpling's black suit collar.

"I am going to the hospital in search for the kind hearted big sister. Big sister and I are going to set up a family without a useless old fart like you in the picture!"


Gong Jue replied coldly: "......You are not allowed to leave. Eat your meal downstairs now!"

"I am not eating!" Little Dumpling coldly replied.

As the result, the two chunk of ice looked at each other face to face for few seconds.

The corner of Gong Jue's mouth spouted: "If you don't eat, you will starve!"

Watching the smelly Dad leave for the door, Little Dumpling's mouth twitched as he tugged his bow tie: "I hate it when others messed with my clothes, such uncool act......"


Gong Jue's face was flourished with anger as he arrived at the dining hall.

At first glance, he saw that Gu Qi Qi was already eating and enjoying her meal.

This insincere stupid woman only knew how to eat, yet she didn't bother to wait for him?

"Adjutant, since when did the military rules become abolished? A female criminal could eat a meal together with officers?" He pulled the host chair with a displeased tone.

The corner of Adjutant's mouth twitched.

Chief, haven't you forgotten that was originally your order?

"If I am hungry then I will eat first. This matter has nothing to do with somebody else's." Gu Qi Qi couldn't stand by idly and watched, so she opened her mouth and explained.

Why is this man such a mensao.

If he wanted to bother her, why didn't he just say it directly without involving others?

"10 laps around the training ground, then 100 swats!"

"Yes sir!"

Gu Qi Qi become stupefied as she witnessed Adjutant accepting his punishment.

No no no, she took back what she just said. This man was not a mensao, he was both unreasonable and overbearing.

Was it because Adjutant gave her something to eat?

Or was it because she opened her mouth to speak in defence of Adjutant?

"A feeble chicken like woman had managed to escape in front of my eyes. Every person in the force should be ashamed of themselves. Every one of you deserved to be punished!"

All the soldiers behind him shivered as Gong Jue coldly snorted.

Gu Qi Qi couldn't care less as she curled her lips: "Shouldn't the commanding officer be accepting responsibility as well?"

Yet he dared to say she was a feeble chicken like woman?

Hmpth, then he's the overbearing commanding officer!

Gong Jue's strict glance shot right back at her: "As for you, you are here for your punishment, not for leisuring around!"

As he said, his pupils swept across the utensils on the table.

Gu Qi Qi finally understood.

Since Adjutant had left, there's nobody else left to serve him.

At that moment, why did she get the belief that domineering impotent man purposefully sent the Adjutant away?

Is she being used in some sort of big military officer and little female servant play drama?

1. [Just in case some of you aren't aware, mensao (also the title of this series) describe a person who is outwardly quiet/ conservative, but inside deeply passionate/ romantic/ little crazy at something. So tsundere wouldn't be the right word in this context.]

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