Chapter 41

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Gu Qi Qi was practically petrified.

Why is this domineering impotent man so obsessive with her?

What makes her so special that he would catch her reluctantly?

Can't we each walk in our own separate path?

She extended her hand outward:" Return my cell phone!"

Gong Jue coldly glanced at her, then tossed the cell phone directly to Adjutant: "Confiscate the stolen good!"

Stolen good?


Gu Qi Qi was infuriated: "Since when did my cell phone consider a stolen good? May I ask which law did I break?"

"Adjutant, tell her and let her painstakingly know." Gong Jue lifted his chin proudly.

Adjutant embarrassingly coughed: "Assaulting military personnel, slandering military personnel, and escaping without permission while under chief's supervision......over and over again, but this time there won't be a third time......"

Wait, that can't be right. If the previous time at the hospital was included, then it seems like lady Qi Qi had escaped three times already!

Gu Qi Qi's lips spouted a bit, and she lost a bit of confidence.

Her glance couldn't help but aimed at Gong Jue's......trouser crotch.

The impotent man can still walk with such valiance. It seems that there's nothing happened to his little brother.

Gu Qi Qi bodly and confidently spoke with justice on her side: "Pfft, you are just bluffing! I haven't landed a direct hit at your thing......"

Before she even finished talking.

"Shut up!"

Gong Jue's face filled with anger, as he approached toward her.

He covered Gu Qi Qi's mouth with one hand, while his other hand hooked around her waist and effortlessly lifted her off the ground. Then she was carried over his shoulder.

His long legs strided with vigor as he carried Gu Qi Qi to his military vehicle!


"Gu Qi Qi wanted to resist, but this man's strength was terrifyingly strong. His arm was as strong as steel.

In an instant, her small body was squeezed back into the familiar back seat.

Adjutant was startled as he quickly ran to the driver seat.

Heaven sake, this time the chief......and the lady Qi Qi were having a large area "skin date"?

More importantly, he did not wear his gloves ! ! !

It's really true, direct skin to skin contact!

"Hnmm...... let go of your filthy hand......nmmh......"

While Gi Qi Qi's lips were covered by his hand, her speech was reduced to mere muttering and groaning. Compared to her usual calm and collected tone, it brought extra level of tenderness.

As Gong Jue listened, his lower half tightened.

Damn it. This woman's lips is not only seductive in looks, but even its voice could be this arousing!

He truly wish to execute her on the spot!

"Behave yourself!"

His throat coarsed as his hand reached out and patted Gu Qi Qi's buttcocks once.

His glance shifted away from Gu Qi Qi's lips. As the result, his glance just so happened to change to Gu Qi Qi's tender legs.

Gu Qi Qi was still wearing his shirt while fastened with his military belt. A moment ago he had tossed the shirt aside, revealing her slender thighs.

The thighs have an exquisite snow white skin. Comparing the snowy dazzle with the black color car seat, the color contrast is truly a very stimulating scenery!

Gong Jue ran out of breath.

At that very moment, he really wanted to press his hand onto it.

Must resist the urge!

After taking a deep breath, Gong Jue with great difficulty managed to successfully control the inner beast that almost broke free of its cage. His glance shifted away once again.

This time, he saw the document bag on her hand.

With a lightning move of the hand, Gong Jue gloomy sized it and torn the bag open.

At first glance.

Pregnancy test stick!

His knowledge had been expanded. He absolutely won't repeat the same mistake of misidentifying it.

At second glance.

A thick stack of money bill.

He simply don't need to keep looking. The back of his eyes turned shady, and his rage almost burst forth from his chest.

This wretched stupid woman. She not only fooled around another man behind his back, but even received pregnancy test stick and money from that man too?

What's her relationship with that man?


Gu Qi Qi resentfully glared at him.

A scorching palm mark imprinted on her buttocks, quite painful.

Her mouth was covered tightly by his hand, and that her lips had turned purple. She was even prepared to bite him to death.

"Return back my stuff! As a female criminal, don't I have the right of possession?"

Gong Jue coldly glanced back at her, tone filled with passionate desire: "You only have one privilege."

1. [The author used a euphemistic phrase to replace the profanity line of "Damn his mom" in the raw. However, I don't get what that particular euphemistic phrase means, so I just use a milder version instead.]

2. [To execute on the spot (就地正法) is an idiom to carry out the law on the spot. But in this context, he wants to carry out the "act" on the spot. ]

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