Chapter 40

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Gu Qi Qi put away her cell phone and left the patient ward.

When she arrived at the hospital gate, a man in a neat suit inquired politely: "Are you miss Gu Qi Qi?"

"Yes, that's me."

"On behalf of my company president, I have delivered all your requested items in here." The man in suit reverently passed the document bag to her.

Gu Qi Qi immediately understood.

She took out a small medicine bottle: "Here's the medicine for your company president. Remind him to stay away from quackery."

The man in suit solemnly received it, then he disappeared into the crowd.

Gu Qi Qi opened the document bag and saw two delicate pregnancy test sticks inside.

That's right. These are superior quality brand, even included liquid crystal display. Cough cough.

There is a thick stack of money bills on top of that.

By visual estimation, there's at least several ten thousand.

The most important of all, there's also an admission selection receipt from the education department.

On the white sheet of paper, written in black letters——

Gu Qi Qi, change of admission to empire military medicine university!

A bright red official stamp signified that her change of admission selection had been successfully!

Gu Qi Qi couldn't help but savor her tongue.

Heaven sake, the efficiency is extremely fast. This man truly had the capable means.

No wonder everyone in this world desired to reach the top of the mountain. So that they could call the wind, summon the rain, and pick the stair with bare hand.

Her heart suddenly filled with excitement.

Everything had been set in place for her future direction.

Without relying on anybody, one day she too would be able to pick the star with her own hand!

With the amount of money in her sight, she planned to spend a thousand to rent a place and to move out from Gu household.

Afterward, she would find a summer job to earn the tuition and to repay the loan.

While she was happily contemplating her plans, that tiny voice without warning spilled out with a tone of abandonment: "Only this little amount of money for shamelessly asking from a big company president? Hohoha."

Gu Qi Qi frowned: " You want to try borrowing money from someone that's neither a relative nor a friend? You will be lucky if someone courteously enough to lend five lump of coin to you!"

"Hmph, I have already said you can earn lots of money, lots and lots of money. All you have to do is be willing to collect......"

"Go collect somewhere else!"

When she heard of the word "collect", it reminded her of the semen collection room's machine and the domineering impotent man.

Her whole body felt unpleasant from the mere thoughts.

Before that tiny voice could say anything, it was interrupted by Gu Qi Qi: "Wait, that's the nursery phone call! Did something happened to Xiao Bei......"

She took out her cellphone.

"Qi Qi, your younger brother he——"

She could barely hear anything after pressing the answer call button.

Gu Qi Qi could only hear muffle thunder across the sky.

*SFX for thundering noise*

Shortly afterward, the sound of off road vehicles' tires screeching noise from breaking could be heard.

*SFX for tire screeching noise*

Immediately, numerous ear splitting military boots' footsteps arrived!

Before Gu Qi Qi could even react, she was already surrounded in all directions.

There was no muffle thunder on the sky, rather attack helicopters were hovering above.

And the screeching noise weren't from off road vehicles, rather a line of military vehicles.

A single resounding powerful military boot sounded......

Gu Qi Qi swallowed her saliva.

She was truly a crow beak. She should not have thought of that domineering impotent man.

In the next few second, that wretched stupid man appear in front of her.

Gong Jue angrily got off from the military vehicle, strided with three paces for every two paces, and stood in front of Gu Qi Qi.

With a long arm reach, Gu Qi Qi's cell phone was in his palm.

He didn't say a single word, the first most important matter was——

He opened the cell phone contact list and found Chu Jun Mo's caller display.

His slender fingers fiercely stroked, directly placed the caller into the black list, and locked securely with a hidden password.

This is a secret military technique, not even Gu Qi Qi would be able to crack it.

"What are you doing!?" Gu Qi Qi angrilly bulged her lips.

"What am I doing?...... You are a female criminal, and I am here to catch you back." Gong Jue answered without any facial complexion.

From behind, Adjutant was holding back his laughter. Chief sir, your attitude nowhere near resembled in catching a female criminal. It was more like catching adultery in an act.

1. [This line resembled to the rude remark of telling someone up yours... In other words, she's telling the tiny voice "collect up your head". I can't think of decent way to represent the vulgar tone of speech, so I just use a mild/ unsatisfying one, and footnoted it instead.]

2. [Crow beak is a Chinese figure of speech (metaphor) of someone who has made an inauspicious remark]

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