Chapter 39

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The first urgent matter of hers that needs to be satisfied is......

Gu Qi Qi blurted out: " I want to change the admission selection for my college entrance exam."

Chu Jun Mo was startled: "You're just a high school graduate?"

He had cardiac issues after the car accident. Despite the botched surgery conducted by Qingsheng hospital , his life was saved by a mere high school student.

Simply inconceivable!

Gu Qi Qi thought he was resenting her for being small in status and was unwilling to assist with this thorny problem. She hurriedly said: "You just said any request that would satisfy me, so don't shamelessly break your promise. I know you can easily achieve it!"

Chu Jun Mo shockingly laughed in spite of himself: "What are you playing at? Are you trying to coax me?"

Gi Qi Qi's eyes glazed over, her voice lowered slightly: "No. I just know of your reputation authority."

In her last life, this esteemed gentleman took the Gu household to the court. The Gu household's assets were nearly destroyed, and Gu Qiu Shan's mental well being took a hit as well.

Thanks to the debt caused by that incident, she became the scapegoat for the Gu household and a money printing machine.

Chu Jun Mo fiddled with the expensive fountain pen while his eyes narrowed: "I promise you."

Gu Qi Qi's heart raced..

Promise......just like that?

Wasn't that a bit too straightforward?

However, the man took it seriously: "Where do you want the admission selection be changed to?"

"The empire's military medical university. The clinical medicine program!"

"That's the empire best medical school, and one of the most prestigious field. You have good eyes." Chu Jun Mo praised her.

He might've been a business tycoon, but he's no stranger to medicine.

Gu Qi Qi smiled: "With my top score in college entrance exam, it's only right for me to aim there.."

"Woman, you're very conceited!"

"No, it's self confidence."

Chu Jun Mo laughed lightly and asked politely "Any other wishes?"

Gu Qi Qi muttered to herself indecisively, then asked without any formalities: "Hm, if it's possible, could you investigate the medical responsibility for director Zhu, the Qingsheng hospital's surgery director? Also Gu Qiu Shan, the hospital board member who is trying to cover up the truth, must bear the responsibility for the crime too."

"You want an investigation for their criminal responsibilities? Are you certain?" Chu Jun Mo took a closer look at the detailed information given by his subordinate just then.

Very interesting.

She is pursuing for a criminal investigation on her own biological father!

Is she aware that the implications could lead to enormous compensation and prison time?

According to common sense, shouldn't a daughter be requesting him to spare her father?

"I am absolutely certain." Gu Qi Qi answered with a hint of anguish.

Director Zhu and Gu Qiu Shan had secretly plotted a devious scheme against her. If she didn't return a "large gift" to them, how would she be able to live to the fullest in this rebirth life?

They may be vicious.

Then she simply needed to be even more vicious than them!

Chu Jun Mo agreed: "Very well."

"Wait!" Gu Qi Qi suddenly thought of something, and embarrassingly requested again, "Could you request one of your subordinate in Qingsheng to provide me with two pregnancy test sticks......."

Even though it was a phone conversation, her face flushed red from mentioning the pregnancy test sticks in the presence of the esteemed man.

However, with the danger of Xiao Ning being pregnant closeby, she must fulfill the promise to her friend.

Yet she was penniless and could not steal from the maternity department.

She could only put aside her pride and request for it

Unexpectedly, the man on the phone didn't jeer and calmly answered: " I could."

"Thanks." Gu Qi Qi was about to hang off the phone but suddenly spoke out, "Wait! There's...... there's more......"

"......" There's more? Chu Jun Mo eyebrow tilted.

"Could you lend me some money? A thousand should be enough."

Gu Qi Qi emphasized the word"lend".

"I could."

"I definitely definitely definitely will repay you! Thanks!"

Gu Qi Qi hanged off the phone.

The corner of Chu Jun Mo's mouth lifted.

Letting her father be criminally prosecuted.

Asking for pregnancy test sticks?

Borrowing a thousand?

He grinned: "Woman, you have successfully left me a memorable impression."

1. [While the story takes place in a fictional empire, it share many similar characteristic with modern Chinese society. The college entrance exam is a reference to Chinese National Higher Education Entrance Examination, somewhat similar the SAT (The American counterpart). It is a mandatory exam and kind of a big deal (Your career greatly depends on the exam) ]

2. [The beginning of the end is coming...]

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