Chapter 38

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At that moment, inside the naval base.

Gong Jue wore a clean military officer's uniform, an aura of cold bloodlust surrounded him.

"Capture that wretched woman and bring her back to me!"

Adjutant's hand trembled as he nervously operated the controller.

"Reporting chief, according to the satellite position, lady Qi Qi is currently in the hospital. We have already locked onto her cell phone, should we listen in?"

"Listen in, my butt! Capture her immediately!"


Adjutant immediately followed the command.

A few seconds later-

Gong Jue, without a hint of emotion, moved his lips and asked: "Who is she talking with on the phone?"

Adjutant carefully replied: "According to the signal's position, the caller seems to be from the imperial capital."

Gong Jue shouted with fury "I meant what gender!"

Adjutant trembled: "A man!"

The chief was asking for the caller's gender?

Could it be that......he was jealous?

Heaven sake.This was the first time of his life witnessed the chief being jealous!!!Lady Qi Qi, your skill was truly incredible!

The military conference room sunk into a deathly silence.

The voice of Gong Jue's implicit fury instantly lowered the room temperature by ten degrees: "What's with those idiotic looks? Immediately listen on the phone call of that female prisoner who dared to assault military personnel. If there's any accomplices, capture all of them!"

Adjutant: "Understood! ......"

He strongly resisted the urge to laugh.

Dear chief, you not only learned to feel jealousy, but also tried to hide it and made it more conspicuous.

Really tsundere!

In an instant, Gu Qi Qi's phone conversation could be heard from the monitoring device.

Gu Qi Qi's sweet and calm voice along with a man's hoarse voice resonated together inside the military conference room.

"You can ask me for any request. I will satisfy you."

"Any request that will satisfy me?"


Gong jue's brow crossed, slowly nearing his eyes.

Just hearing the word "satisfy", smoke started coming out from the top of his head!

Stupid woman dared to fool around with another man!

Messed with me, now you messed with someone else. You thought I permitted you to do so?!

This needs to be fixed immediately!


Qingsheng hospital.

Gu Qi Qi was currently puzzled by the tiny voice in her mind, wondering what sort of trickery was behind it.

A burst of melodious ringtone disrupted her train of thoughts.

The caller was a stranger.

She answered the call.

An unfamiliar man's voice sounded in her ear

The voice was hoarse yet sexy.

She couldn't deny the voice was extremely good to listen to. She never knew that her own name being called by a man would be this enticing.

"Are you Gu Qi Qi?"

"Hm...... it's me."

Gu Qi Qi stuttered due to the man's voice as she bashfully replied.

"Chu Jun Mo" The man blunty answered.


Gu Qi Qi couldn't hear it clearly because of poor phone reception.

The man didn't explain, just calmly and collectively said: "The heart surgery, you did it pretty well."

Gu Qi Qi's a bulb flashed. She now understood!

It's that beautiful sick man, the flashy, yet awesome, esteemed individual.

Did he come back to pay the debt of gratitude?

The God sure enough had not deceived her.

Gu Qi Qi, without hesitating, asked directly: "Is your condition improving? I thought you patted your bum and left without acknowledging my help."

On the other side of the call, Chu Jun Mo playfully fiddled an expensive fountain pen on his desk: "I didn't want to acknowledge it, but you didn't provide the seven day convalescence medicine for me."

Gu Qi Qi was laughing up her sleeve.

Hehe, she was found out.

To prevent the esteem figure from not acknowledging her help, she left a failsafe behind.

The surgery might've been successful, but no one else other than her knew the correct medicine to compliment it.

The beautiful sick man didn't want any relapse, so he came back to find her.

However, she had to keep a polite, modest, facade at the scene: "Oh that, sorry for the inconvenience. The medicine was used for my younger brother's heart disease, and there wasn't much left."

Chu Jun Mo didn't even comment towards the groundless explanation.

The hoarse voice sounded once again: "As my present of gratitude for helping me, you can ask me for any request, I will satisfy you."

"Any request that will satisfy me?"



Gu Qi Qi's heart gestured in a victory.

She had won!

In this lifetime, she now had the opportunity to make a request from the esteemed figure.

1. [In the raw, there's actually an emote of →_→ right after this line, which represents Adjutant's doubtful look expression. However, I have decided to exclude emote from the translation. The author doesn't really add emote on a consistent basis, and emote doesn't really pose any substantial contribution to the story. Lastly, text emote in literature can be triggering for some people.]

2. [While some would argue against using Japanese term in a Chinese novel (myself one of them), there's no better word to describe a tsundere in this situation other than the word itself.]

3. [The author uses the English line "YES!" in the raw]

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