Chapter 34

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Of course, Gong Jue couldn't help but also wished to strangle himself too. Why was he so obsessed in kissing that pink lips a moment ago?

There's nothing so worthwhile as kissing this stupid woman.

He might even become stupid after kissing her.

In one heavy motion, he lift Gu Qi Qi back into the bed and tucked her restless arm into the blanket. Then Gong Jue furiously stood up.

However, the agitation from body below was getting more and more aggressive.

Glaring fiercely at the innocent face of a dreaming little girl, Gong Jue rushed into the bathroom. Gurgling sound of cold water could be heard.

Finally, Gu Qi Qi was awakened by the sound of water.

She rubbed her eyes, vaguely recalled a dream in which she gave a satisfied beating to the mysterious pervert man.

However, her alertness quickly heightened——There is someone showering in the bathroom?

A sunlight reflection of a tall shadow silhouette appeared on the abrasive glass door.

Sexy, overbearing!

Wait a second, why did it look like a three legged monster......

Once Gu Qi Qi saw the long shadow sticking out and abruptly realized what that object was, her heart thudded for a moment

Impotent man!

Impotent man is potent once again?

Sensing the imminent crisis, Gu Qi Qi was fully awaked.

She got out of the bed, took out a miniature syringe cylinder from her school uniform pocket, then softly and quietly approached the washroom.

Water sound suddenly ceased!

She couldn't be discovered that quickly right?

In the next second, Gu Qi Qi heard the gloomy and grim voice of a man.

"Bai Liang, are you fooling around in Africa too much? Don't you dare call me in regard of this butt matter again, or else I won't mind sending you to an uninhabited island on Arctic ocean."

It seemed that the impotent man was answering a phone call.

With a sigh of relief, Gu Qi Qi hid herself against the wall.

Just listening to how Gong Jue was impatiently and halfheartedly talking to the person on the phone: "You're asking about the woman who climbed to my bed? If I had already caught her , then wouldn't I be bothered listening to your nonsense now?"

Gu Qi Qi frowned.

Cursing in her heart silently: The impotent man shamelessly mocked my pregnancy test sticks, even slandered me at the hospital for being incompetent and unclean woman?

Yet he himself was fooling around uncleanly?

Doing inappropriate things with woman, yet he shamelessly insisted not to be touched by women, hated woman, and forbade women from appearing in front of him.


If I am that woman, I would also get away from you as far as possible, humph.

On the other side of the call, Bai Lang's thoughts were different. He anxiously replied: " No Mr Gong, you must not give up. That woman is too important! Think about it, all these years you weren't able to touch any woman. Now you managed eat some lady on the surgery table without any scrap left. This shows that woman may be the key in curing your illness, you must find her at all cost!"

"I already said she can't be found, are you deaf?!"

Regardless of Gong Jue's attitude, Bai Lang could only chuckled brazenly: " Out of the question indeed...... That female nurse is a suitable candidate, weren't you fine after she touched your bird?"

"Hm, she had been captured and in the research process." Gong Jue responded.

Unbearably feeling his own lips.

Earlier he wanted to experiment whether touching Gu Qi Qi would be fine.

As the result, that stupid woman unexpectedly......

Just thinking about it already made him enraged with furry.

"What? You can't leave me here if you are planning to research. As the god doctor, I would gladly assist in the research and perhaps yield some important findings from her body, let me get it done once and for all?"

"Get lost! I will research personally. You shall obediently remained in Africa to atone for your crime!"

"Wah, such inhumane......"

Gong Jue hanged off the phone call.

On the other side of the door, while Gu Qi Qi didn't eavesdrop the entire conversation, she managed to hear Gong Jue mentioned something about "finding woman", "captured", "researching".

She suddenly shivered.

Who's the woman that the impotent man is searching for?

If she couldn't be found, does this mean that herself will become the substitute?

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