Chapter 26

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Gu Mei Feng rubbed her eyes, she carefully looked at the crowd of people who were all staring awkwardly at the 'butt'.

That princess style jacket, the little bit of torn fabric remaining was from a designer skirt......wasn't this the outfit that Gu Xue Xue was wearing today?

"Heavens! It's Xue Xue, Xue Xue what happened?"

Gu Mei Feng could no longer remain calm and elegant as she stumbled down the stairs.

She fell halfway down but got up, disregarding her image and rushed to Gu Xue Xue.

She had worked hard to create a ladylike image for Xue Xue, it definitely could not be ruined!

"How did Xue Xue fall? Who did this?" Gu Qiushan face stretched in anger as he glared at Gu Qi Qi.

Not even waiting for Gu Qi Qi to respond, Zhu Fen now depending on her father to back her, ruthlessly rushed to say: "It was Gu Qi Qi, that nerdy waste did this!"

Gu Qi Qi swept a cool glance over her.

Zhu Fen was immediately terrified, shrinking into the arms of DIrector Zhu, she felt a fierce chill go through her body.

Gu QIushan stepped forward, as his face darkened: "You wicked woman, You not only ruined an honorable guests surgery, but you also bullied your sister?"

Gu Qiushan's response had already been predicted by Gu Qi QI.

Still, being asked such a question, her heart was caught off guard and hurt severely.

His words were like a knife!

She didn't have a mother since her childhood, in her past life she had treated her father with love and respect, so when he arranged for her to learn the bitter, dirty, and tired profession of a nurse, she did not complain and obeyed.

(T/N as a sidenote Gu Qi Qi's previous profession wasn't a nurse you see at the hospital, but one who works in homes as a caretaker usually. Those people do good work but are usually overworked and underpaid for the amount of things they do.)

Still, he was her father, but he let Gu Mei Feng and her daughter push her sickly younger brother step by step, until then hit a dead end!

Could he still be considered a father?

Even that trash of a man Director Zhu knew that he had to protect his own daughter.

Even that poisonous woman Gu Mei Feng rushed to take care of her daughter after seeing her.

But Gu Qiushan?

He came by and scolded his daughter!!!

Ha ha, was she just some cheap daughter that he picked up?

Gu Qi Qi's heart was desolate, he hid her extreme disappointment and sneered: "If I said that I had nothing to do with the patients failed surgery, and that Gu Xue Xue's wounds were self inflicted?"

Do you believe it?

Gu Qiushan, as a father, do you believe your biological daughter?!

Gu Qiushan was momentarily surprised.

Immediately, his face became red with anger!

Questioned on the spot by Gu Qi Qi, he was immediately embarrassed.

"Gu Qi Qi, you dared to talk back? Director Zhu personally saw that during that guests surgery, you gave him the wrong anesthetic, Zhu Fen also said that Xue Xue was thrown down by you, did you think that I am old and confused, that I wouldn't believe Director Zhu andd his daughters words, but I would believe your sophistry? I don't usually beat you, but should I give you a light beating?

Saying this, he raised his hands, as if to hit her.

Gu QI Qi was completely chilled emotionally.

Sure enough, her biological father would rather believe an outsider, and did not believe her.

"Brother Qiushan, do you see what was done to Xue Xue? Gu Mei Feng cried holding Gu Xue Xue up.

Gu Qiushan nervously examined Gu Xue Xue's injury.

"Her forehead is injured, her arm was also bleeding,no, this is too serious! Hurry and take her to the operating room for sutures, Director Zhu, please go with her, use the best beauty line (a type of stitching apparatus used to minimize scars and wrinkles), girls love to be beautiful, she cannot scar......"

Seeing the tragedy that happened to Gu Xue Xue, Gu Qiushan turned all the anger in his body towards Gu Qi Qi: "You evil woman! Who gave you the courage to injure your sister?"

Gu Qi Qi stubbornly raised her chin, her broken heart hidden by her sneer: "Maybe I received that courage from this dog like father......"

Gu Xue Xue only had skin trauma, she had bled less than 10 ml of blood, yet you are so nervous?

People who don't know you would also think that Gu Xue Xue is yours right?

Gu Qi Qi's ironic words quickly shredded the last of Gu Qiushan's face.

The director of the dignified Qingcheng Hospital becoming known as 'dog father', although it was self-inflicted, it left him with no face.

(T/N tbh not really sure what this means and couldn't really find anything on the web about it. OG text is 狗爹. I feel like it references to the fact that dogs will hump anything hence Gu Qshan and Gu MF, and him caring for his supposed 'niece' more than his daughter.)

"I have to publicly teach you today a lesson that you will not forget you evil woman!"

Gu Qiushan once again raised his hand, and mercilessly and ruthlessly aimed a slap at Gu Qi Qi's face!

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