Chapter 25

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A fleeting moment passed by,

Zhu Fen's mind ran through a bunch of ideas, she was shocked and uncertain, shaking like a sieve separating chaff: "No, this is none of my business, if you want revenge, go target your sister, it was your sister who did it......"

Gu Qi QI coldly glanced at her, her voice was cold, as she laughed at the irony: "Just considering the the nurses cart, did she also push that down to hit me?"

Don't think that she was fooled!

This pig, you are not so innocent!

Zhu Fen's face quickly paled,

Her heart was pounding hard enough to emerge from her throat as she watched Gu Qi Qi release the handcuffs from the railing, shake her wrists, and start walking towards her.

"No, don't......don't you come......"

She was very frightened, and was watching Gu Qi QI as if she was the great master bringing about the end of her world.

She had no doubt that within the next second, Gu Qi Qi would throw her directly from the second floor!

"Ahhh ahhhh...... I have video of you in the operating room! If you let me go, I will give it to you!"

Zhu Fen closed her eyes and shouted.

Her body was stiff, while her nose and tears ran.

Other people could not understand what Zhu Fen said.

But Gu Qi Qi understood.

Zhu Fen was saying that the night when she was on the operating table wiith that abnormal man was caught on tape?

The operating rooms were monitored, although there are no lights, there is infrared light recording function.

She narrowed her eyes.

How did Zhu Fen know that she was in the operating room?

Could it be that Zhu Fen knew who that abnormal guy was?

She was worried that she would not be able to find the person, very good.

She approached Zhu Fen, her hand strangling her throat, lowering her voice she said: "Hand it over!"

Zhu Fen was scared to tears, she was afraid that she would end up with the same fate as Gu Xue Xue, possibly becoming a cripple, and also bare assed for everyone to see.

She immediately began nodding as if pounding garlic: "If you let me go, I promise I will go home and get it for you......"

Zhu Fen bowed three times, begging Gu Qi QI.

Suddenly, behind them was an angry voice yelling: "Gu Qi Qi, what are you doing! Let her go!"

Like a child receiving a pack of courage, Zhu Fen regained her spirit, and excitedly yelled: "Father! Father help me! The wase of a nerd is bullying me......"

Director Zhu ran over in anger, his hands ready to yank Gu Qi Qi by her clothes.

The adjutant blocked him with one hand, "Do you think that you can touch Miss Qi Qi?"

"Who the hell are you?" Director Zhu saw that Gu Qi Qi was watching his daughter like an eagle watches a chicken, holding her by the stair railing, all it would take was one little step and she would fall down, he was so angry her roared at the adjutant, "If my daughter accidently fell and died, could you afford to be responsible?"

"There is no need to be worried, she will not die." Gu QI QI turned and let her go.

She now knew that the tape was in Zhu Fen's hands so she was no longer in a hurry.

She had the means, so sooner or later she would force Zhu Fen to hand it over.

There was no need to make her in front of this crowd, and leave evidence around.

"My daughter, my treasured child, my love, are you okay? Seeing you bullied, it almost broke your dad's heart and ruptured my liver......" Director Zhu nervously pulled Zhu Fen closer and looked her up and down carefully, he was fearful that she was beaten by Gu Qi Qi, and was very nervous.

Director Zhu was undoubtedly a bastard, and scum, but, her was really good to his daughter.

He tried to be a good father.

ZHu Fen cried out: "Dad, I am fine, but Xue Xue......"

Not far away, Gu Qiushan and Gu Mei Feng also rushed to come.

Upstairs in the intensive care unit, the distinguished guest had a problem with his surgery, they were ready to find Gu Qi Qi to use as a scapegoat, they had people looking for her everywhere, but they did not expect to bump into her.

Gu Mei Feng heart was happy, she was secretly glad that her trickery would succeed, she could proceed and make Gu Qi QI's whole life miserable.

The next second, she saw that at the bottom of the first floors steps, that there was a person rolled up with their ass exposed......

Those cries, how come they sounded so familiar?

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